Shadowverse CCG MOD APK (Menu/Onehit, dumb enemy) 4.4.20

Updated 22/02/2024 (1 week ago)
NameShadowverse CCG APK
PublisherCygames, Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Onehit, dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Shadowverse CCG

Card game cartoons like Yu-Gi-Oh! Always makes us feel attractive. The battles with magic cards are the way to determine victory and defeat. Do you also want to stand on the stage and fight with your opponents? It’s straightforward, come to Shadowverse CCG and do it. Fight with young talents from all over the world. Use your ultimate card skills to defeat them all.

Magic cards have become a solid monument in the hearts of many players. From birth until now is still an endless source of inspiration. Shadowverse CCG was also born to bring this sport to more people. The matches are created in detail and full of information. It doesn’t need any special effects but still brings its own charm. Instead of dramatic action, two players will confront each other with intelligence.

Shadowverse CCG mod free

Download Shadowverse CCG mod – Join attractive card duels

We will briefly review the gameplay of Shadowverse CCG. First, you will have to choose the commander you want to be. When it comes to the match, the two sides will randomly choose one person to go first. On the first turn, each player can only draw three cards for themselves and can exchange them if they want. During a turn, you can choose to summon or end the turn to gain extra energy. Cards will require you to spend a certain amount of energy to summon them. Summons warrior cards that can damage enemies. The base point of each person will be 20; if whoever gets all the points deducted first will lose.

It is necessary to calculate reasonably and have a strategy of its own to fight effectively. Avoid summoning too much, causing a lack of own energy. Know how to attack and defend at the right time to reduce your damage as much as possible. Do not be subjective and attack blindly, or you will get caught in a trap.

Shadowverse CCG mod download

Countless powerful cards

The cards are dealt in two different forms: battle and effect. The battle cards are cards with images of different creatures. Each card of this type will have the ATK and DEF numbers clearly written on it. Cards with high ATK and DEF will take more mana to summon. Next comes the extra cards that create special effects for the deck. These cards, when summoned, will create different advantages for the player. Can increase attack, defense, or deduct points or protect depending on their effect. Please arrange a reasonable deck to fight most effectively, and each deck must have 40 cards.

Shadowverse CCG mod apk

Fierce PvP

Matches are never easy for magic card players. Being able to fight with other players is the passion of all of us. Such matches will bring many times more attractive than usual. Meet opponents stronger than you to unleash all the most effective tactics. Suppress weaker players with powerful attacks that destroy them. Through the game screen, you can also learn a lot of useful experiences. Apply it to your playstyle and create variety. Always develop yourself to improve your ability to improvise in matches.

Shadowverse CCG mod apk free

Join the ranking

Shadowverse CCG has a mode that is an individual ranked match. Similar to PvP, you will be playing against different players. But the system will find you people of the same level. Each win will accumulate a certain number of points and receive a reward. When the accumulated points have reached the specified column, they will immediately be promoted. This mechanism is quite similar to many MOBA game genres currently on the market. The higher the rank, the more powerful opponents you can face. Be careful, especially with experienced players. Put yourself on the Shadowverse CCG’s top players list.

Shadowverse CCG mod android

Choose the right commanders.

In addition to using the cards properly, choosing a commander is also extremely important. Each commander has a unique appearance for you to distinguish easily. Each person himself is added with beneficial attributes. These attributes greatly affect each of your matches. Making cards or monsters match can have certain advantages. Together with them lead their army to the final victory in the fateful wars. All opponents are waiting for you to conquer in Shadowverse CCG mod. Everyone is a potential player with bold directions.

How to Download & Install Shadowverse CCG MOD APK (Menu/Onehit, dumb enemy) for Android


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