Recall – Memory Matching RPG MOD APK 1.1d (Unlimited Gold/Diamond)

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NameRecall – Memory Matching RPG APK
PublisherKewlieo Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Diamond
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Test your memory in matches with opponents in Recall – Memory Matching RPG. Dummies with scary looks have been brought into the world by a particular force. Their influence makes everyone unable to do anything and continue to wait. It is to wait for a team of warriors to come and help clear the way by killing the dummy. War will take place in which the warriors will constantly go up to explore the front. The dummies will hinder the journey, and they present a memory challenge to stop you. Together with the warriors, they use memory to defeat all the dummies that stand in the way.

Strange creatures blocked each segment of the road ahead, and no one could move forward. People dared to discover that they were monstrous dummies hanging from poles. But their mysterious appearance scared everyone, and no one wanted to risk taking the lead. A team of heroes has formed and volunteered to go up to find out what is happening right ahead. And they met the challenge that the dummies brought, a memory game. Heroes have to memorize what they offer and then find different puzzles. The battle of this hero team now depends on the memory ability of all members.

Recall Memory Matching RPG mod

Download Recall – Memory Matching RPG mod – Challenge memory from combat

A war of memory where strange dummies appear and challenge the player. They are cold-blooded creatures, but the drawing above them shows horror. The appearance of dummies certainly has a reason, and you have to find that out through the levels. And first must overcome the intellectual challenge that the dummies present when you face. A long journey still needs to go, and your memory challenge will be limitless. You can test how well you remember by taking on a dummy challenge. A team of heroes will help you fight whenever you are dangerous or complete a challenge.

Recall Memory Matching RPG mod apk

Brain challenge

The dummies that appeared at each discovery route prevented the heroes from advancing. But they were also in the same place, not moving, and did not seem to attack. However, they bring a brain challenge for you and the heroes. The cards with the pictures they carry will be a game between you and those mannequins. And you have to participate, whether you like it or not, because you still have to move forward. Accept the challenge of remembering to continue your journey because willpower cannot back down. Use the abilities you memorize to help the heroes overcome challenges and complete passages one after another.

Recall Memory Matching RPG free

Memory challenge team

Accompanying you in this memory challenge are heroes who are passionate about discovery. They are still moving forward and will be until they come across strange dummies. They present a memory challenge to the hero, and they alone are not enough to overcome the challenge. They need your help, and your memory is what works best. Accompany them from memory battles with dummies, opening a new journey. Unfortunately, the road ahead is still tricky, with challenges from the dummies blocking the way. Customize your team to battle with different heroes so they will always be with you.

Recall Memory Matching RPG android

Memory journey

From the challenges, a specific force knows your existence in the memory challenge team. They failed to stop your team on the first mnemonic challenge. But that’s just the beginning, and there are still many roads ahead with more complex stuff. Each stage behind will still have mannequins in the way, but this time it is a more difficult challenge. Remembering each sign may no longer work for you, and you must do your best. Moreover, behind them can be bosses with a unique memory challenge for the whole team. Use your memory step by step and lead the challenge team to complete the memory journey.

Recall Memory Matching RPG apk

The war started, but now it will no longer be high-damage battles. You will have to engage in equally dangerous battles, which are wars of memory. And your opponents are dummies placed on the way to exploring the world. Your team needs to move forward to meet them, and you can accept the challenge anytime. Each road segment will bring you different memory tests to challenge you. Your ability to remember determines whether you go further on the memory-challenging journey. Download Recall – Memory Matching RPG mod to challenge your memory skills with the memory challenge team in matches.

Download Recall – Memory Matching RPG MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond) for Android

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