Fusion Masters MOD APK 1.8 (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Tokens)

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NameFusion Masters APK
PublisherWIP Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Diamonds/Tokens
SupportAndroid 4.0.3+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Diamonds*
3. Unlimited Tokens*

Collect cards with monsters inside and place the monster battlefield in the game Fusion Masters. You will enter a world where you will easily find powerful monsters. But they have no bodies but exist in different cards representing them. However, this also does not affect the fact that they can fight but become better. The world gives them power, and they discover this excellent power source. Furthermore, new monster cards can be spawned when you combine two cards. Use the monster card you find and take them to the arena to compete with others.


Monsters are one of those species with great strength, and so is their physique. But this world is filled with monsters stored in cards and can only be summoned. An extraordinary power has returned the monsters to their small, existing form. They will be released if someone finds and uses the monster cards. Following your orders will be their priority since you have temporarily freed them. Monsters can accompany you in the arena until you are exhausted and return to the card. Collect cards and summon powerful monsters from the cards to battle.

Fusion Masters mod

Download Fusion Masters mod – Battle with monster cards

Coming to the monster world, you can collect a squad of monsters with powerful abilities. They exist in cards and can only be summoned to battle by someone worthy of them. Monsters are classified into various elemental types with special combo abilities in the arena. You have this ability and soon find the card with the monster in it. But those are just the elemental monsters of this world, and there are many other consequential types. With many combat challenges, the journey to find cards is still waiting for you ahead. Challenge yourself with monster cards to defeat enemies and their users.

Fusion Masters apk

Multi-element monster

A powerful world will breed many types of monsters with different elements in them. They can rely on their attribute strength to fight for survival or hunt. And in this game, it’s the power that the monsters can fight back and forth in the arena. The monsters in the card will reveal their elemental power and help them attack the enemy. Each monster card will contain a different element and create a different playstyle. You are the one who collects them and has the opportunity to find a way to fight with the elemental deck. Find cards with multi-elemental monsters and battle your way through a challenging journey.

Fusion Masters android

Monster digging

The monsters in this world were robust, but that didn’t mean they were invincible. They can rank above other species due to the strength derived from their superior physique. But to become invincible, they still need to be trained by you over time. The cards allow you to do this, as you can summon them at any time. Monsters will not hesitate to come out of the card and fight by your side when the going gets tough. It was training them on their own and increasing their combined combat ability. You can also create new monsters by combining monster cards and training them.

Fusion Masters free

Battle mode

Once you have an army of monsters with powerful cards, it’s time for you to challenge. There will be a leaderboard to find your opponents and fight them. Those are the people who also have cards with powerful monsters inside. They have fought their monsters through time and know how to defeat their opponents. The battlefield will be where you participate in a monster card competition with people on the leaderboard. The experience of traversing the world and discovering monsters will help you fight here. Find opponents with powerful monsters to train to become the most robust monster deck holder.

Fusion Masters mod apk

Powerful monsters are stored in the cards and waiting for the worthy. They can be released from the card and aid companions in battle. You can also do the same, and you have started to familiarize yourself with each monster card. They possess elemental powers and combine to create monsters with new abilities. You’ll train them to diversify your monster card lineup and sign up for battle, where the main arena is a giant battlefield full of monsters in the world. Download Fusion Masters to find monsters and combine them to fight in the arena with everyone.

Download Fusion Masters MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Tokens) for Android

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