Shadow Blade Zero MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.5.1

Updated 07/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameShadow Blade Zero APK
PublisherShadow Blade Zero
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 2.3.3+
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Introduce MOD APK Shadow Blade Zero

Shadow Blade Zero is a game that will help you become a ninja with just your fingertips. A young ninja wants to tell his father critical information. Players will control this ninja guy with agility, ingenuity, and intelligence. On returning to inform his father, the other ninja had to use all his skills. The ability to move quickly and the attack techniques of a ninja to overcome obstacles. Enemies are guarded everywhere, with challenging terrain and traps in every nook and cranny. With sword and darts in hand, carry the information safely. You can attack directly or kill enemies from behind.

This is a game to become a ninja with a modern context, attractive enough for everyone. The makers of Shadow Blade Zero have shown a modern side through trap mechanics. At the feet of the ninja could be capacitors or maybe an escalator. The enemies are also always armed with guns that can kill the ninja with just one shot. To face those guys confidently, the character is equipped with many abilities. In addition to his quick movements, the ninja can jump very high through the wall’s cracks. This ninja guy can cling to this wall and then jump to the other wall. Use those skills at the right moment.

Shadow Blade Zero apk free

Download Shadow Blade Zero mod – Accompany the ninja guy

Many people in the world from different generations know the name ninja. This title refers to humans whose combat abilities have been tempered for a long time. Along with them is always the sword carried on the back and the darts full of damage. And now, in the world of Shadow Blade Zero, players have enough of those elements. The ninja guy in the game is fully equipped with the superior techniques of a true ninja. Skilled fighting, neat finishing ability, and cautious approach. The context in the game is also quite close to the natural environment. Besides, the enemies are armed with weapons, and deadly traps are everywhere.

Shadow Blade Zero apk

The gameplay is easy to get used to

The ninja was standing on the roof of a warehouse, then opened the scroll in his hand. This was probably the intelligence of his comrade, the Amida family slowly rising. The ninja decided to return to inform his master of this information immediately. That’s how Shadow Blade Zero brings gamers into the game’s world setting. Soon, the game will give visual instructions to help players get used to it. On the left of the screen are two left and right arrow buttons used to control the character’s movement. On the right are two buttons, A and B; button A is used to attack, and button B is used to jump. In the second level, the player can press the B button repeatedly to jump up the wall slot. In case of large distances, double-click the B button to jump up twice. When you encounter ice walls, break them by jumping and pressing the A button to attack. Remember to coordinate the buttons flexibly.

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Variety of challenges

To bring that important information back to his master, the ninja had to overcome numerous obstacles. For superior mobility skills, the wall slits and deep pits are simple. Players can completely overcome them more gently. So what if those wall crevices were filled with sharp blades stained with blood? Gamers need to calculate the drop point and the position of the ninja’s hand carefully. The henchmen appear almost everywhere and continuously do not hesitate to take the ninja’s life. Players can jump high and kill them and use chains to pull them close. However, in the later stages, when the enemy holds a sniper rifle, everything will be different. The player will need to time it so that when approaching the guy is not when he shoots bullets. To the levels where you can not use a double jump to reach, use the escalator to be innovative.

Shadow Blade Zero mod apk

A large number of levels

The game maker has created a total of 60 levels in three different chapters. In the first chapter, the ninja will have to overcome the levels in a pub system. There will be rooms designed in the style of Japanese rooms. The enemies here usually can only use melee weapons. In the second chapter of Shadow Blade Zero, players will confront gunmen on high floors. Around the player are high-voltage capacitors, constantly flashing deadly sparks. As for the final chapter, the setting will be in the high-rise buildings near the iceberg. Surrounding the player are icy winds that blow continuously, and snowflakes fly.

Shadow Blade Zero android

If you want to be a ninja guy on a mission, Shadow Blade Zero is for you. Combine the move button with the attack button A and the jump button B to pass the level. Download Shadow Blade Zero mod to help the ninja destroy all obstacles and bring important information to his subordinates.

How to Download & Install Shadow Blade Zero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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