Scrapyard Tycoon MOD APK 3.0.0 (Unlimited upgrade)

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NameScrapyard Tycoon APK
PublisherNeon Play
MOD FeaturesUnlimited upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Note: Unlocking park and other items is price to zero.

Grow what used to be a car scrapyard and become a car park owner in Scrapyard Tycoon. You are a scrap collector, but you have the opportunity to build the area yourself. This will be where you gather your trash to get valuable items from them. Deal with each damaged vehicle and keep the parts still available for you. Make metal blocks from scrap parts of each graded vehicle. Respond to orders and fulfill them to avoid overcrowding in stock. Create a parking lot and operate it with your strength from the broken parts of the scrap yard.

Become a scrap yard manager and earn tremendous money from the dump. The process from a scrap yard to a parking lot will not be easy because of the tasks. Your inventory will be expanded by quest bonuses as well as customer requests. However, the coins you get from completing orders play primarily for you to grow. You will not run your scrap yard separately, but with help from the staff. They will help you manage the machines to produce your customers’ vital parts. Allocate work properly to each employee and you will develop your parking lot with them.

Scrapyard Tycoon apk

Download Scrapyard Tycoon mod – Build a parking lot from a scrap collection place

You can profit from the parts in the scrap yard in the game. Your job is to recycle and recast everything from there to serve the needs. However, developing your parking lot also needs to work with the protection of the surrounding environment. Use working parts of the car and create pieces for customers. Contact the mills to have them deliver scrap when you no longer have stock. Move to each city and import ingredients so you can keep producing. Please serve them well because the growth of the parking lot depends on their satisfaction.

Scrapyard Tycoon mod

Scrapyard management

You will be the manager of a city scrap center that has been abandoned for a long time. Your task is to rearrange this scrap yard and turn them into the primary source of income. Crush old cars and use the recycled parts of the vehicles to produce things for customers. Sign a contract when finding a potential source for your scrap yard product. Build more factories so you can store more cars in this scrap yard. Improve work efficiency by hiring workers to care for each process and plant department. When you run an old scrap factory, you will now have many new colors.

Scrapyard Tycoon free

Scrap recycling

Your factory is where new products are made from old vehicles. You’ll sort out which cars are still in use to get them repaired before they’re sold. Damaged vehicles will be disassembled, recycled, and marketed. You can do the process manually if only a few cars enter the scrap yard. Or you can hire more people to help you manage the workshop with clear assignments. They will help you analyze each piece of the vehicle and decide whether it is recycled or new. Dismantle the remaining usable parts from your inventory and recycle them in turn.

Scrapyard Tycoon mod apk

People who run processes

You will need to hire managers with the potential to maintain the parking lot’s production process. They help you monitor each area of ​​the parking lot and improve performance in that area. You no longer must constantly run to each factory part to produce products. The managers will be upgraded by you and managed and done for you. Your factory will deliver quality products thanks to the operators. They will maintain processes and enhance product abundance in the plant. Hire yourself talented managers and run them to help your parking lot grow.

Scrapyard Tycoon android

The scrap yard now under your management has changed into the parking lot of the whole city. You’ve rearranged how the scrap yard works and upgraded it to a vehicle recycling site. Cars are now classified and put to use according to their process. You have opened up many upgrade paths from making profits and expanding the factory. Your parking chain has increased and is no longer as overloaded as before. Products recycled from your old car after being sold in the market receive excellent support. Download Scrapyard Tycoon mod to operate the parking lot from the process of managing a city scrap yard.

Download Scrapyard Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade) for Android

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