Hotel Life MOD APK 0.9.58 (Unlimited money)

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NameHotel Life APK
PublisherEidolon Cyprus LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The hotel in your Hotel Life is a place that can receive a lot of guests. The job of managing it is a highly challenging thing with great difficulties. But the fun it brings is something too extraordinary. Gives us the exciting experience of working with an effective model. Moreover, it also allows you to find a vast source of income that many people do not have. A good boss will help his business go up quickly. So many immediate benefits are waiting for you to exploit and satisfy customers.

It is possible that many people are pretty confused about how to manage hotel services. Hotel Life is the path that leads you to all the stages they have to do and what a manager must do for the job to run effectively. Arrange employees and customers logically for each section. Learn how to manage your time and make the most of the benefits. For a prosperous future, we need to make many sacrifices. Be the owner of the most crowded hotel in the vast tourist city.

Hotel Life mod

Download Hotel Life mod – Run the hotel effectively

Your newly inaugurated hotel is fully operational under scrutiny. We will take the first customers and find them the best room. After the guest has taken the key to the room, it will be the turn of the service staff. Accept their wishes and respond fully. You will have to clean the room when they leave to prepare for the new arrival. Need to serve continuously because customers will come in large numbers. After the last customer leaves, you will end a successful working session. Receive your gifts and prepare for the drama in the back that awaits you.

Hotel upgrade

Your hotel starts in a somewhat outdated condition and is not of good quality. We have to improve this when we have a more stable source of income. Please clean up the messy kitchen and replace it with modern things for cooking. Upgrade the staff and recruit more people to increase serviceability. Buy new cleaning supplies to speed up cleaning newly inhabited guest rooms. When service quality improves, victory is also quickly achieved. You will easily meet the target and reach the limit that your hotel can achieve. The balance between income and upgrades will be the most optimal way to play.

Hotel Life mod free

Unlock new hotel

After completing the final challenge, you will finish your job at the current hotel. A new chapter will open with a new hotel in a different land. You will start your work there again with more significant challenges. Difficulties constantly appear that require us to try harder than before. Hotel in France with elegant service styles with fastidious ways. Hotels in Hawaii will have customers willing to pay a lot for quality. Hotel in Asia with high-class people in business preparing to meet partners. Anywhere can develop to its full potential with just hard work.

Hotel Life mod apk


Cooking is an essential part of a hotel to keep guests satisfied. Unlock new recipes and add more variety to your menu. Give hungry stomachs the best meals you can get. Create more comprehensive sources of money to improve the hotel at high speed quickly. A talented person in business like you cannot succumb to difficulties in Hotel Life mod.

Download Hotel Life MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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