Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.4.4

Updated 23/11/2023 (6 months ago)
NameDungeon Village 2 APK
PublisherKairosoft Co.,Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Dungeon Village 2

Finding a place that you can manage is extremely difficult. No one will let you do this unless you are qualified or possess it. But Dungeon Village 2 can help you do this easily. The game will allow you to build a village at will. A daring dungeon-style village. All will be arranged by you in the direction of your thoughts and aesthetics. A place to help you find relaxation.

Dungeon and farm-building games are two different genres. Each type will be a type of player with their own personal preferences. But what if these two genres can be combined and create a masterpiece. Dungeon Village 2 is the answer to this problem, an extremely bold direction. When you play, you will find this game very close with extremely simple pixel graphics. Striking colors and sparkling effects make everyone feel excited. It is a feeling that players have been looking for all this time. You are a potential manager, owning a village managed by yourself.

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Download Dungeon Village 2 mod – Dungeon style village management

First, you will be given a very large amount of land as initial capital. Let’s build yourself a big fortune from here. A village with a unique and strange style. The people there are heroes, brave warriors that have been carefully selected. When you finish building nice houses, they will start coming. Make your village the best place to keep these heroes. Take them to the greatest challenge, destroy the monsters. Make them submit and surrender to your unlimited power. Make your village really famous and more and more heroes stop here.

Dungeon Village 2 mod download

Manage your village

This village was built with the noble purpose of bringing peace. Use your money to hire the best carpenters to build sturdy houses. Create a place for heroes to rest and live here. Build gardens to grow essential foods for daily living. The things that are harvested can be exchanged for money to help you have more capital. Build weapons forging shops to create effective combat tools. Sell ​​it to heroes who need it so they become stronger. Be able to face greater and greater challenges. Helping you earn more money.

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Item crafting

In your village, there is an old witch with a very long history. She possesses strange spells that can surprise you. She owns a magic cauldron that can cook whatever she wants. You just need to provide enough necessary ingredients to be able to cook a new item. These items can help warriors in the arena with monsters. Make them increase their ATK and Defense with amulets. Create health potions that can help restore health and damage inflicted in battle. Let the witch help you in your dream of conquering challenging levels. Create a magical place.

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Monster Recruitment

The strong monsters in the levels were defeated by the heroes. You can decide to recruit this monster to the hero team or not. Monsters have characteristics that heroes cannot possess. Are effective minions that can support your team on that harsh battlefield. You will gain a multitude of different benefits once you know the full potential of these monsters. Bring them into battle to avoid some casualties for your heroes. Treat them well to be more loyal to you and give your best in important battles. Don’t ignore potential monsters and miss out on a strong ally.

Dungeon Village 2 mod apk free

Lead your army to the abode of those fairy creatures. Fight them in the toughest and most dramatic duels. Fully calculate the number of people and rationally use the extra items. Build a squad strong enough to fight comprehensively on attack and defense. Don’t let your heroes fall before you can defeat them. Join Dungeon Village 2 mod to discover the biggest monsters. These guys live wild in the wild with unique abilities. Recruit them to the team for a significant source of power. Make a lot of money to make your village become more developed over the years.

How to Download & Install Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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