Unknown HERO MOD APK (High Damage/No Cooldown) 3.0.299

Updated 21/01/2023 (8 months ago)
NameUnknown HERO APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesHigh Damage/No Cooldown
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Introduce Unknown HERO MOD APK

The fierce battle between the unknown hero and the demon king in Unknown HERO, although present, will make you unable to take your eyes off. A Korean developer creates the game. You will accompany the unknown warrior anywhere on the battlefield. Unleash the power of powerful weapons and magic. There will be no more viable option than standing up to fight against evil. With the hero put on many powerful armor. Unleash unbeatable energy and combine powers. The adventure from simple will get more and more complicated until the end.

Themes of a fantasy world, RPG and magic. Unknown HERO even has 2D graphics but still does not cause boredom for gamers. On the contrary, this is also a world advantage. The control system is no longer complicated for players to learn for a long time. There are only two paths, left and right. Move flexibly to encounter and fight enemies. Compensating for the simplicity of the combat system are extremely high-quality weapons, storylines and opponents.

UNKNOWN Hero mod

Download Unknown HERO mod – Journey of the unnamed hero

The combat system in Unknown HERO is to fight non-stop and pick up many rare items. You will fight almost continuously throughout the game. It can’t stop but can constantly level up and strengthen. To control hero battle, you need to use seven separate buttons. Three buttons to move left, right and jump up, one for attack and the other 3 for skills. Enemies will appear continuously on the right side of the screen. Move always to deal damage and dodge their attacks. Because the enemy is very crowded, if you do not coordinate well, you can be surrounded at any time.

Every few small battles between monsters, you will encounter a boss. They were the commanders of the lower level monsters. Confronting them would undoubtedly be a complex plan. That’s why you need to have a lot of equipment to have a chance to defeat them.

UNKNOWN Hero mod apk

A variety of personal weapons

As an unknown but almighty hero, your main character can use any weapon. There is no such thing as a career limit in Unknown HERO, from swords, bows, magic staff, shields. Anything can be used to damage enemies. A fully equipped helmet and armor will give you more stamina and health. Enemies are many, and you are alone. Be the only one to overcome the entire force of monsters. Go to the last boss and defeat him. Weapons will require extra money to upgrade, gems to attach and give special effects. They are in front of your eyes and waiting for you to come and collect them.

UNKNOWN Hero mod apk free

Scary skill combo

In addition to weapons, skills are also essential to save you in many urgent cases. In battle, one can use up to two normal skills and one particular skill. There are hundreds of skills in Unknown HERO that I cannot list all. But there will undoubtedly be typical names that everyone aims and uses the most. For example, skills to increase power directly, stealth so that the enemy cannot see, increase movement speed, increase attack speed for each weapon. Sometimes it is also necessary to rely on the game screen to decide which essential skill is for you.

UNKNOWN Hero mod free

Get the aura title

You probably won’t notice, but every time you kill any boss, you will collect the title of an icon located in the right corner of the screen. It’s both a demonstration of how many enemies you’ve defeated. Just provides more effects to continue fighting. Because the more challenges you overcome, the stronger the upcoming enemy will be, not weaker. Collect for yourself many titles that best match the current strength. But it all depends on your luck. Since the bosses appear very randomly, it is impossible to know precisely what title you will get next. But waiting for luck is also very interesting.

UNKNOWN Hero free

The war between a ferocious legion against a single hero is rarely ending. Look for abilities to power up your warriors. Provide all the most perfect weapons to enter the battle for a beautiful world. Surely noble ideals and courage will conquer whatever evil exists. Now that hero is waiting for someone to fight together. No one else is you – the player, you are the only one who accompanies the Unknown HERO mod to make the legendary story.

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