Save The Pets MOD APK 0.3 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 28/11/2022 (2 months ago)
NameSave The Pets APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Proceed to rescue your pets before being attacked by bees in Save The Pets. Your pet sees the hive out there and wants to go outside and learn about it. But you know the dangers of the pack and don’t want them to come out in contact with bees. However, your pet had sneaked out when you were not paying attention and was approaching the hive. Fortunately, you found them in time, and now you must protect them before being burned. Use your pen and draw lines to prevent the bees from approaching the pet. Or you can use it to shield your pet from the swarm of bees that rush out of the hive.

Your pets do not know the danger of the hive and want to go out and explore. You tried to protect them, but your pet somehow escaped. However, they are still lucky when you see it in time and rescue them. But your pets are many, and you can only save each one. The only tool you can use is a pen to draw lines that separate bees from pets. However, it would be best to act quickly because bees are very dangerous, and pets are under siege. Rescue all your pets and test your puzzle skills at the same time.

Save The Pets android

Download Save The Pets mod – Rescue pets from beehives

Your pet defies your protection and goes outside and explores the hive. But they also understood the danger posed by the yellow and smaller creature. However, they are terrified and can’t seem to avoid being attacked by the bees. But you understand the hive’s nature very well and must act as quickly as possible. There are two ways for you to rescue your pet without endangering both sides. First, separate the bee colony from the pet and wait for your pet to leave safely. Or you can wrap the two together to seek help, and all rescues are up to you.

Save The Pets mod

Drawings to the rescue

Your pets need to be rescued; the fastest way is to use a pencil. This is the most straightforward way to think of if your pet is still in danger. This is a practice. The bees can’t get past your brush line. The hive can continuously release bees, but pets will be safe if protected by the pen. The look you create will stop the bees from attacking and isolating them. Your pets will also be surrounded, and the bees will not be able to enter. Use your fine strokes to solve hive puzzles and rescue pets.

Save The Pets mod apk

Protection time

Under the attack of bees, you need to protect your pet safely. You also used the pen to draw protective strokes, which were only temporary. Your pet needs to be safe within ten seconds before a rescue can be performed. The bees will also automatically fail if they can’t attack the pet within that time. However, keeping your pet safe for ten seconds is also a big challenge. If you don’t care about achievements, you can freely draw all lines to protect your pet. But if you want to challenge yourself, try to protect your pet as quickly as possible.

Save The Pets free

Rescue level

Your pet is always in danger when going out; facing them is the hive. So it would be best if you rescued them as quickly as possible before the bees from the hive have time to sting them. Bees need time to fly out of the pack, so you can find the most effective way to rescue your pet. But do not be subjective when saving a pet because you are not only that pet. There are other pets out there that are still waiting for you to rescue them before the bees attack. Each turn you save your pet is equivalent to the level of rescue you have to confront. Protect your pet with brush strokes that your pet can feel safe with.

Save The Pets apk

Curiosity has led the pet to face the danger of an attack from outside bees. The bees only know how to protect themselves because they receive danger signals from your pet. But you have the opportunity to protect your pet from the bees and also protect the hive out there. Neither side will get hurt if you can use the stroke correctly. The fact that you solve puzzles can not only save your pet but also challenge you in the face of danger. You can completely use the strokes to complete the rescue level in time. Download Save The Pets mod to solve random puzzles your curious pets create.

Download Save The Pets MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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