Merge Cannon Defense 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.8

Updated 11/01/2023 (1 year ago)
NameMerge Cannon Defense 3D APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Merge Cannon Defense 3D

Merge Cannon Defense 3D is a puzzle-based defense strategy game. It gives players a new feeling when there is a mixture of two game genres. In the future, due to a shortage of resources, the earth will no longer be an ideal place for humans to live. At that time, the most necessary thing was to find a planet for human habitation. Once you have found a planet that has all the necessary elements and is on the way to it. The player is suddenly attacked by unknown monsters. What you need to do immediately is to get up and destroy those who stand in your way. The scene unfolds heroically by a war between the galaxy and the vast planets.

Players need to build an army of artillery and become almighty captain. Because there is one important thing that players need to do. It is to protect the approaching renewal of human civilization. Will humans be able to survive this disaster? Can the player become a commander of the highest ranking Artillery team? This depends entirely on the player’s excellent leadership and tactics. In addition to fighting, players can also collect gold coins from this. Gold coins fell from above like rain. They are automatically added to your treasury.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D mod

Download Merge Cannon Defense 3D mod – Cannon fight against nameless demons that appeared unexpectedly

At the beginning, the player is guided through the steps to access the gameplay. The first thing is to buy two cannons of the same shape. They are just two cannons in one of the diamond-shaped boxes at the bottom of the screen. Then drag and drop these two cannons together, they merge and create the next cannon. When the cannon is upgraded to level 2, the player can let it participate in this fierce battle. There must have been four gray diamond squares in front of each other. This is the area to put the cannons you want to bring into the battle. They act as a protective barrier for your spacecraft.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D apk

Upgrade the cannon

The opening is just a simple cannon with a warhead and fires a single bullet. After being upgraded, these cannons are equipped with more skills, and the appearance also brings a different feeling. The next turn, these cannons can double the warhead. Or they can also spawn extra warheads, although they fire smaller bullets. But the damage is not inferior to the remaining warheads. What you need to do is to integrate as much as possible. Match as many cannons of the same level to upgrade them. Note that they must be the same type of cannon and the same level.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D android

Various types of firecrackers

If you only stop at one type of cannon, the attack on the youkai will not be diverse. Therefore, Merge Cannon Defense 3D provides a treasure of many different types of artillery shells. These cannons differ in color, design, and attack power. Various colors such as yellow, orange, mint green, green, red, orange, etc. Each bullet fired from these cannons also carries a stream of light that it has not contained. There are cannons that are also equipped with a flying wing system and a screen;… Create a sense of compression but also prevent some of the impact of monsters on your defense.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D apk free

Enemies are crowded

On the long runway, enemies appear as cubes coming towards you. These boxes can appear in rows, in clusters, or individually. But usually, they will line up in a horizontal row. From the very beginning of these boxes, your army has to take action. As soon as the boxes are shot down, they will explode and turn into rewards. Depending on the avatar they carry, there will be different rewards. There are boxes with a red border with a heart in the middle. Or an orange box with an inverted triangle. Blue with a shiny X.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D mod apk

Merge Cannon Defense 3D also provides players with some extra skills. They help when the player is in a crisis because the enemy has come too close. These actions are lined up along the right side of the game. Includes two criss-crossed boxes, thunder, flames and gold coins. Gold coins help increase the reward received. The flame causes the bullets fired to turn into blazing flames. And thunder creates blue lightning strikes down on the enemy team. Two interlocking boxes make enemies fuse less. Download Merge Cannon Defense 3D mod space war by cannons defending your ramparts.

How to Download & Install Merge Cannon Defense 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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