Salary Warrior MOD APK (Menu/High Damage) 1.7.2

Updated 05/06/2022 (1 year ago)
NameSalary Warrior APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/High Damage
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce Salary Warrior MOD APK

The Salary Warrior’s kingdom is overflowing with monsters that have never been known before. Only trained heroes can fight and defeat them. The task of leading these people will be left to you. Therefore, it is necessary to have the correct strategies to become more numerous and substantial. The more high-quality troops you have, the easier it is to turn the tide. Use wisdom to reach new heights in peacekeeping. That’s how we become one of the greatest influencers.

Salary Warrior is considered one of the highly entertaining games that we should try. It creates a very classic feel with a relatively simple 2D pixel image. But certainly not because of that, it is boring like many other monotonous games. The uniqueness of the gameplay is harmoniously reproduced. So constantly changing and updating to make the content even richer. The world of heroes is produced in many dimensions, with fantasy flying away. It certainly doesn’t create any tension and is highly entertaining.

Salary Warrior mod

Download Salary Warrior mod – Leader of heroes slaying monsters

Humans are facing an increasing number of bloodthirsty monsters. As a mighty hero yourself, you can’t let that happen. Instead, sign a contract with heroes so that they can punish those dangerous people for you. The more heroes you have, the faster it will bring victory. They will attack their enemies until they fall. A lot of profit will be obtained from the corpses of fallen enemies. Don’t forget to pay heroes and help them have more motivation to fight. Negotiations may take place, forcing you to try to resolve them most amicably.

Dark Dungeon

Monsters came out from the portals connecting the dungeons to the human world. The only way to blow them away is to go inside to fight. Each floor of the dungeon counts as a level for you to complete. There will be specific types of monsters that can create many difficulties for the hero. The higher the floor, the more difficult it will certainly be. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the combat strength of the members and help them develop more. Meet the essential needs and quickly wipe out what is in the dungeon. Next to the gates will be the treasure your team deserves.

Salary Warrior mod free

Heroes Collection

A collection of heroes is sure to excite us. From the start of the game to a certain level, you will have the warriors you want. Do this by summoning new people from the wheel of fortune. Their power is divided according to the rarity of each person. If you have a high rarity hero, you will get a considerable advantage from the stats. It’s not enough to have many heroes, and we need to upgrade them. Only then can we become superior and ready to confront strong enemies. You cannot win without training in all aspects.

Salary Warrior mod apk

Strategic Contracts

Occasionally you’ll get a few buffs from your heroes. Those are their claims about the perks you can get. Some contracts can bring many benefits to you, but some do not. Your job is to consider what you get in return carefully. From there, give options to accept or not to the requirements in the Salary Warrior mod.

How to Download & Install Salary Warrior MOD APK (Menu/High Damage) for Android

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