Super Fighter M APK 1.8.001

Updated 21/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameSuper Fighter M APK
PublisherCayman Game Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesN/A
SupportAndroid 4.4+

Introduce MOD APK Super Fighter M

Enter a world where you will meet famous characters from the legendary Mario series. But in a very strange and never-before-seen way. I’m talking about this Super Fighter M title. The game owns the aforementioned characters, but not in a kingdom and adventure setting like the past. This will be a long journey and there are more interesting things very special. Get ready to download on your smartphone to play anytime. Because you’re about to see an exciting Mario world you’ve never seen before.

Like many other classic Mario games. You will control the main character is 2 plumber brothers Mario and Luigi. But not to rescue Princess Peach in the Bowser giant’s castle. You will encounter this demon lord at the beginning of the story. Not stopping there, you will also have to adventure in a large open world. With monsters appearing everywhere. So what can a plumber do with them? Of course, fight back with brand new skills and weapons. This makes for a game about Mario and you’ve never seen it before.

Super Fighter M mod

Download Super Fighter M – Transform into a hero to save the world

As mentioned, we will control the famous characters in the Mario game. Stay in a vast colorful world. There are many different regions and respective locations. Each place has the appearance of scattered monsters. You will use Mario, Luigi to fight against them. With on-screen controls and skills. Creates spells that deal damage. Then kill and collect items from monsters. This process is repeated until you reach certain milestones to upgrade and change skills and appearance.

What is special and true is that the climate and weather in Super Fighter USA will always change in real-time. You can adventure in this world no matter day or night, good or bad weather. Will affect the strength and nature of the monster. This is great for an adventure fighting game. There should be many such important and practical details. To maximize the player’s experience.

Super Fighter M mod apk

Collect familiar characters

You will start with the first famous Mario character. Through hours of adventure. Go through many different worlds or collect enough money and experience. You can recruit new teammates on the journey. They are all famous characters in the Mario world, both protagonists and villains. Everyone has their own unique personality and abilities. Using it to make the battles more diverse and dramatic is also a great idea. Ready to adventure with the squads that are not destined to be. You can have Mario and Bowser fight together. Instead of hostility, it was a surprisingly good combination.

Super Fighter M mod mod

Defeat monsters across the worlds

There are many different places in the world marked on the map in regions. You must complete the quests in each world to be able to go in turn order. Each world has its own characteristics of climate and topography. There are areas everywhere that are molten lava, sometimes frozen land. With such natural conditions, monsters in different places are also very diverse in shape and strength. Not to mention they will drop many items and equipment typical of that land. You also have the opportunity to confront brand new bosses. An added element in Super Fighter M.

Super Fighter M mod apk free

Fight Online with everyone

Surely everyone is familiar with PvP modes in many different games. So what if you can use characters in the Mario world. To fight and defeat other players? That is the unique PvP mode of Super Fighter M. You will choose your strongest squad. From characters with strong damage ability to supporting teammates. Compete against players from all over the world. Every time you win, your rank will get higher and higher. What are you waiting for without showing off your top tactics? Make the opponent surprise and turn back in time.

Super Fighter M mod free

Surely for many gamers, Super Fighter M will be a completely new experience. When included in the game the characters are too famous in the history of video games. Plus many modern and interesting mechanics attached to them. Presented a great and no-nonsense combination. We will see childhood heroes fight and adventure around the world. All are in Super Fighter M mod, download and enjoy now.

How to Download & Install Super Fighter M APK for Android


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