RUSH MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense multiplier) 1.0.109

Updated 15/09/2023 (3 months ago)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage/Defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK RUSH

RUSH MOD APK – is a fantasy world where uncontrolled magic has caused chaos, and you will be the one to fight the creatures here. Arrange a squad full of your favorite powerful characters. Use skills to sweep away the weak in the arena. Assemble and improve equipment for your character. Fight with monsters from many different places and overcome life and death moments together. Join alliances with other warriors and participate in group activities within them—countless diverse side modes besides the main games to practice player skills and entertain when needed.

The RPG genre with high-speed battles that once made waves in the past will now be recreated again in this game but with many improvements to suit modern forms of entertainment. Thrilling and continuous is what you will feel when the battles have no less than a hundred enemies constantly rushing at you wildly. For those with strong personalities, it will be a massacre where they are the main character freely cuts down enemies. Still, for those who are not too familiar with this genre, it will feel a bit overwhelming and somewhat confusing. Get used to everything and become an unbeatable god of war in this world.

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Download RUSH MOD APK – Crazy arena between heroes and monsters

For a long time, the world of nothingness was terrifying and mysterious for all humanity. It is a vast, infinite dimension with no beginning and no end. Only lands are floating between space patches, like islands in the vast ocean. The life forms here are terrifying and strange. They do not follow natural laws but develop in a highly dark direction with the behavior of predatory animals to survive. Everything in there is like an arena of death; whoever is better at survival will win. But unfortunately, you and hundreds of others have been lost in this dark, scary place.

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Lost heroes

They got lost in this dimension through a particular space gate. Every person has their mind invaded by the power of the void, but there are people with strong will who can resist and use it as a combat weapon. More than 200 people have mastered this type of power and decided to unite and form an alliance to escape this place together. Each hero will have a different roles. Their stats and skills will match their part; you must take advantage of them in battle to give them a gift. They all play equally important roles in the squad.

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Fierce battles

Each squad will have five people going together. Although the number is small, your arrangement can create an undefeated team or an unconnected block. Similar to the monster side, it will be a 5v5 confrontation. The victory will be in your favor in the initial matches because it is getting used to the stage, and there will not be too many challenges or difficulties. But later, you will be overwhelmed by the skill sets of the characters using countless beautiful effects that make you feel like you are fighting thousands of enemies at the same time. The key to victory is arranging your squad and using your people.

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Legions and monsters

Legions are alliances created by one person and inviting others to join them. There will be limits to unions, and some large partnerships will have vital stat requirements for their members. You can choose to join an alliance or create one for yourself. The alliance’s purpose is to help each other in improvements or upgrades. But the most important thing is to fight against monsters of excellent caliber and bring back resources based on the dedication of the members participating in the fight.

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Special regimes

In addition to fighting mode and using skills like the primary mode, there will be countless other unique modes for you to entertain. Fight with other heroes in the Combat Arena, and test your squad’s limits in the Challenge tower. In addition, there are countless different unique modes for you in the game. Fight, conquer lands, and collect soul stones to defeat the Overlord at RUSH MOD APK.

How to Download & Install RUSH MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense multiplier) for Android


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