Valiant Force 2 MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier) 1.11.3

Updated 30/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameValiant Force 2 APK
PublisherXII Braves PTE LTD
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Valiant Force 2

Valiant Force 2 MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier) is a game set a decade after the events of the game of the same name. This is the sequel to the role-playing game that has received the support of the previous gaming community. Once again, this place opens a war between trust, greed, and betrayal from comrades. If you’ve played the previous version of this game, you will feel familiar with the character system. And if this is your first time encountering this game, there is no need to worry. Everything will be started from scratch in the magical world of Arathos. When our hero returned, the place was more chaotic, dark, and desperate than before.

Talking about the ending of season one, the stolen Arathos crystal has been returned to its rightful place. Thinking that everything was back to how it was, the world became peaceful. But unfortunately, the string of scary days has begun to return. The crystal disappeared again, but this time the watchman was no longer there. Since then, the kingdom has spread many false rumors and is divided into two factions. One side still believes in the country’s warrior hero team. Believe they will bring the gem back to where it belongs. The rest suspect that the guard member Leon Daracon stole the precious stone and disappeared.

Valiant Force 2 mod

Download Valiant Force 2 APK mod – Discover and join the story of finding the Arathos crystal stone.

Entering the game, you will be shown a video of recent happenings. This makes it easy for new players to access the plot. If the player has understood through part one, can click skip to skip this part. After going through the entire opening story, you are taken to the first battle area. A series of turquoise squares appear on the territory of the area, surrounded by red squares. You are free to adjust the characters to move across the blue squares. Choose the right location so that the heroes can confront the enemy directly. The red box is the stand of your attackers.

Valiant Force 2 mod apk


You play the main character of the game, named Elise Arkwright, a brave young knight who always believes in what is right. He is always willing to participate and complete all assigned tasks. Accompanying, the guy also has other exciting friends. Girl Felix Vulcan with striking pink long hair. Or the knight Maeve Astraea is equally strong and brave. Later, the more areas you explore, the more new teammates you can collect. Zedda wore black warrior armor that stood out with her fiery red hair—or aristocratic Halley with a luxurious, flowing red evening dress.

Valiant Force 2 apk

New element

Continuing the old story, but here there is a denser fog. Or, to make it easy to understand, it is the secret elements hidden deep inside the events that are taking place. Although the fighting mechanism is the same as in the old part, the nature of the characters has changed a lot. The plot has also changed a lot, along with a more diverse tactical system. The faith of the people of the kingdom was no longer the same, causing the heroes’ fate to change. Players can hardly see what will happen next. As you lift this secrecy fog, you must take up the challenge. Face off against rebellious youkai, demons, and knights across the kingdom.

Valiant Force 2 apk free

Combat system

Your task here is to master the rope of your destiny. But to overcome the fierce battlefield and proceed to the desired result. Then the player needs to master everything that happens in the battle. Valiant Force 2 APK 1.11.3 still plays in the classic turn-based combat style. It is this combat system that requires players to have an overview. Players need to be careful every moment, always ready to face the storm ahead. Combined with each person’s special skills, you can also open an all-out battle. In addition, the game also updates with more new powers and skills.

Valiant Force 2 android

The game modes in Valiant Force 2 MOD APK are also more diverse than in the old part. In addition to story-based combat on the battlefield, you can confront other heroes. With PvP mode, players can participate in the battle to destroy the enemy’s Zephyrite-powered spacecraft. Earn loads of money, enrich, and strengthen the squad. Diverse enemies include Giants, Dark Lords, new heroes, the Stormborn Alliance, and the Sons of Midas. Download Valiant Force 2 mod to explore the exciting storyline in the kingdom of Arathos.

How to Download & Install Valiant Force 2 MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier) for Android


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