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Updated on 02/12/2022 (4 months ago)
NameRebirth Online APK
PublisherCaret Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack all targets, attack rate, fast movement
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Combined with elements of myth and magic, it seems that it is no longer attractive. Now all is back strong with the super product Rebirth Online. The dark fantasy world is always the perfect topic for developers to design for their game world, but it doesn’t always work and make players attractive, except for Rebirth Online. . An MMORPG with a huge open world. You won’t find another game with such detail on the character system and combat. Accompany your unique character. Smash enemies from the shadows with the might of the greatest warrior.

Rebirth Online is highly focused on character creation compared to other role-playing games. This will be evident when you start creating characters in the game. From appearance to strength are commensurate with their roles. Those warriors are your incarnation, whose mission is to prevent darkness from taking over this world. Players will have to provide a full range of different elements to help the warrior become stronger. Over time, the enemy will become more and more dangerous, and we have to prepare everything perfectly. Enter the battlefield with the many divine powers that you have painstakingly obtained.

Rebirth Online mod

Download Rebirth Online mod – Show your unparalleled strength in the endless battlefield

Honestly, Rebirth Online is a prime example of a plowing game. Players will need to spend a lot of time to level up their character. Sometimes acquiring a new skill and evolution requires overcoming the most intense battles. So with such slow advancement, how do make players feel interesting? Those are the combat features and attractive mission systems. The more complicated the task, the better the reward will be. This prompts players to perfect the most crucial thing – skills. Without mastery skills, it isn’t easy to survive in the world of Rebirth Online.

Because it is a 3D role-playing game, players will control the character with standard virtual keys. Move through many different locations to fight and do quests. Skills are built based on that character’s role. We have warriors, magicians, assassins, gunners, gladiators… Each character class is powerful in a specific aspect. For example, gladiators with great defense, assassins with unexpected speed and stealth, archers with quick attacks with significant damage…

Rebirth Online mod apk

Various character stats

Increasing a character’s strength by raising stats is the most common practice of all players. The most important stats are weapon mastery, damage dealt, health, and armor. Combat experience points are also a vital stat. With the current limit of Rebirth Online, you can now raise your character to level 800. A considerable number and will take quite a while to accumulate. Actively do quests and fight monsters to gain experience points for yourself. With other stats, we need to fight a lot. Get equipment and upgrade them to the most tiers.

Rebirth Online mod apk free

Complex weapon system

Weapons of Rebirth Online make an essential contribution to increasing the strength of the characters. All characters have ten weapon slots to equip ten necessary tools. These include the primary weapon, armor, earrings, rings, bracelets. The other side is head armor, body armor, waist belt, arm armor, and leg armor. All of them add up directly to the character’s stats. Weapons will contribute the main damage index, and the jewelry will increase magic power and armor, the ability to dodge attacks… The rest are added directly to the armor. Enhance them with money and upgrade them to higher ranks. Encrusted with gems to get more special effects. If weapons follow the set, they will be even more powerful.

Constantly updated content

Perhaps you will be worried because with such a high level of the character limit, whether the content in the game is enough for you to explore and increase hundreds of levels. The answer is enough, even more than enough for you to experience more. The world in Rebirth Online is divided into many different lands. Each region has its own unique topographical and climatic characteristics. That was the reason why monsters came from other lands. From appearance to level, they are from easy to difficult level. There were areas that only high-level players could enter. Enough to show the danger and complexity of the enemy system worldwide.

Rebirth Online mod free

Your character’s battle and upgrade journey will be very long and require a lot of patience and intelligence. However, Rebirth Online is designed not to let any gamer get bored. The content is constantly updated and incorporated with the events of the year. Incentives and gifts from the publisher to players will be more. Are those reasons enough to make you download and experience Rebirth Online?

Download Rebirth Online MOD APK (Menu/Attack all targets, attack rate, fast movement) for Android

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