Run Guys: Knockout Royale MOD APK (Menu/High damage) 2.2.05

Updated 26/09/2022 (2 years ago)
NameRun Guys: Knockout Royale APK
PublisherGreenPixel Ltd
MOD FeaturesMenu/High damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Run Guys: Knockout Royale

Racing games are making you lose interest and experience? At the same time, you want to be racing with friends in a new style? Then surely Run Guys: Knockout Royale will be one of the best choices. There are some similarities with the popular national game Fall Guys, but the only difference is in the platform. Run Guys: Knockout Royale satisfies whatever your current needs are. You want to race with your friends but not in the cars. You want to interact with people more directly. This game is the perfect answer on smartphones for you.

In a world full of colors and fun architecture. You and dozens of other players will race together to find the person to finish first. Defeat all opponents that stand in your way with every trick you have. Show yourself as the number one sprinter when passing multiplayer. They finished convincingly with an impressive number one position. A lot of fun activities that you will be able to play with everyone in the game. Not just limited to one game, but many games with different genres.

Run Guys mod apk

Download Run Guys: Knockout Royale mod – Odd Squad Race

All you can do is run, jump, punch, kick… Along with dozens of other actions to eliminate opponents. Then the tape headed towards the finish line. It sounds simple at first, but everything will be difficult to be under your control. All participants in the race have a common goal. If you can’t finish first, you must at least be in the ranking of the fastest finishers. Understandably, people scramble to show off their strength and cunning. If you don’t want to bump or clash with anyone in the game, definitely Run Guys: Knockout Royale is not for you.

Specifically, the racetracks will be amusement parks with many obstacles. All players will appear at the starting line. No matter what game it is and how to play, it is considered successful as long as you reach the finish line. It is because of such chaos and excitement that many gamers play with friends. What’s more special is that everyone doesn’t have any power of their own. They have arms and legs, do everything to get to the finish line.

Run Guys mod free

Loads of interesting mini-games

The number of minigames of Run Guys: Knockout Royale can be up to hundreds compared to the world size. If you do not know, the game is designed to contain a giant globe. Each location on that globe is a world of its own. Each world has some unique minigames. When you discover a new world, you can play minigames there. The number of mini-games will increase day by day. You will join all the players in the world to enjoy them all to become a champion in different worlds. The task is difficult but, in return, is fun and extremely effective humor.

Run Guys mod apk free

Hundreds of formidable opponents

Depending on the type of minigame, there will be a certain number of players. Up to 60 people can be limited to a single level. The larger the number, the more clashes will occur. That said, the scale of the game is not small at all. You will have to compete with dozens of people to take the number one spot. This is almost impossible, but just being in the top 10 can be said to be successful. Surely you will feel the most evident chaos in the minigames of Run Guys: Knockout Royale. Dozens of players crowded together to compete for the crown of the fascinating first place.

Run Guys mod mod

Edit your character

Each character in Run Guys: Knockout Royale is designed as a black person wearing different costumes. Animal costumes, even food, bring laughter to everyone. You can’t help but laugh when you see them all running in a weird shape. Looks both cute and hateful. Especially, you will be able to bring 6 different items to each level. Fit them into your character’s inventory. Each type of item will have a special effect that affects others. Prepare yourself for the unexpected and smart opponents.

Run Guys mod

It can be said that this is a unique combination of racing, fighting, action, and many other genres. Call package in a simple game but full of massive minigames. Huge world design that can accommodate up to hundreds of players. In Run Guys: Knockout Royale, you will have to deal with literally all opponents. Runaway from the traps laid out. Kicks other players out of a vantage point. Reach the finish line alone and proudly claim the championship crown. Run Guys: Knockout Royale mod recreates a battlefield in a fun and adorable style.

How to Download & Install Run Guys: Knockout Royale MOD APK (Menu/High damage) for Android


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