Twist Hit! MOD APK (God mode) 1.9.18

Updated 30/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameTwist Hit! APK
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Twist Hit!

This 3D game can help you, especially plant trees, while giving a very human message. Twist Hit! MOD APK (God mode) This is the game I’m talking about. Fill the magic rings to create magical plants. Make the forest more gorgeous than ever. Remove the aridity and lack of vitality at the initial stage. This will be a fair game but no less attractive. Prepare a snack of your favorite. Sit down in a comfortable place and start planting.

It is a game about planting trees but extraordinarily and interestingly. Twist Hit! APK 1.9.18 tells you a story about a barren and empty forest. Somehow, you have to restore them with as many miracle plants as you can. The gameplay of the game will not be too complicated. But later on, the challenge will become more and more difficult. If you do not mind restoring nature with miracles, do not hesitate to enjoy this game. Combined with a lot of elements to help you relax and immerse yourself in exciting gameplay.

Twist Hit mod

Download Twist Hit! APK mod – Revive the magical magic garden

The gameplay of the game will be pretty vague if you do not know anything at all. But if you look carefully and play a lot, it will be straightforward. I will have to restore every single tree that was cut down to the original. Use a magical device to shoot magical energy at the stump. This can help restore the rings on the stump from the inside out. For the first rounds, there will be black entities moving around them. If you accidentally shoot them, the tree will not be restored. Dodge them to complete a game for that tree. Finishing the last round will give you a complete tree.

Each level will have a certain number of trees that you have to improve. If you complete it completely, you will be rewarded and go to the next level. The more you play, the more big trees will appear. We also need to dodge more of those weird black objects. The difficulty is increased gradually according to the game screen. Let’s accumulate yellow crystals to buy more exciting items. You will find that planting trees turns out to be much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Twist Hit mod free

Easy controls

With only one finger, you can play this game. Tap the device that emits magical energy at the bottom of the screen. Immediately it will show a band of energy moving around a circle of the trunk. When the energy circle is completed, it also means that a circle of the box has been restored. Each tree will have three or more rounds. The last round will always be the one where you are rewarded for having a lot of crystals there. Of course, getting to the final round is a challenge. Mysterious black objects won’t let you do that.

Twist Hit mod apk

Restore different forests

Many locations are forests that you need to renovate, not just one. Each place clearly shows its topographical features that you can recognize. The species of trees in each such terrain are also very different. Therefore, completing each forest will give you a well-deserved reward. Be careful with the things that you face when going through many kinds of wood. No one knows what their origin is. Just a touch will bring everything back to death. Dodge them and continue your quest to illuminate the barren forests. Bringing things back to life so fresh and full of hope.

Twist Hit mod apk free

Unlock new devices

The primary device that makes it possible to restore trees that have been cut down. There are also a lot of exotic instruments in the store for you to consider using. For example, the equipment can make the renovation process faster. Or bless the renovated trees. There is even equipment to help change the surroundings for easy renovations. There are so many things that you can combine. Produces trees that are complete of life. This shows the creature’s strong will to survive. Do you think plants can do this?

Twist Hit free

The whole game is just the process of renovating trees everywhere. Twist Hit! Highly appreciated for its ease of play. Stunning 3D graphics and eye-catching effects. The game also proves a very profound message about the environment. The destruction of planty turns the ecosystem upside do and so pushes the world into dangerous natural disasters. Twist Hit! MOD APK is a unique product both in terms of gameplay and meaning.

How to Download & Install Twist Hit! MOD APK (God mode) for Android


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