Slutty Journey MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High critchance) 2.60

Updated on 19/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameSlutty Journey APK
PublisherSuper H
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/High critchance
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Slutty Journey MOD APK Infomation

Menu mod

  1. God Mode
  2. Higher Critchance
  3. Crit DMG x2,5

Install bypass complete the tutorial then install the mod and enjoy!

Mysterious journeys all lead us to new and strange events. If you want to experience these great things, come to Slutty Journey. A journey that takes you to nothingness, where only powerful beings live. Meet the gods and demons that exist in two opposing factions. Find a cure for their strange disease and restore balance to the world. You are the chosen one with unlimited possibilities within you.

This game will be designed in 2D with exciting graphics and animations. Music and sound are the most special highlight for players. Make every maneuver and action never boring in any way. Reasonable playing time combined with many challenging levels will give you many options. Freedom to play however you feel comfortable and without coercion. Feel the sophistication every time you discover something new.

Slutty Journey mod free

Download Slutty Journey mod – Use power to save the world

At the beginning of your journey, you will be a human being lost to nothingness. This is a place where no conventional limits last forever. This is also where beautiful young women were arrested and exiled to pay the penalty for their sins. After doing some research, you discover demonic maidens preparing for an invasion of the human world. With the help of Sun Wukong, you will find and summon your team of girls. Fight the evil armies and stop their dangerous plans. A perfect formation will create a mighty weapon to win the final victory.

Slutty Journey mod

Collect the maidens

This is the main goal that you need to achieve to become stronger. You can find these maidens by completing stories. Join the wheel of fortune and consume the resources you have earned. Each young woman possesses a powerful ability of her own. Diverse combinations will create a strong fighting formation and stand up to attacks. Don’t forget to upgrade them to increase the number of stars and basic stats. Maximize your power to outperform your opponents. The win rate has also been improved since then so as not to have too much trouble.

Diverse game modes

In Slutty Journey, you will have two options: normal mode and hard mode. Both methods have five chapters with exceptional situations. The regular model will contain ten levels so you can progress slowly and comfortably. But the difficulty mode has only four classes, and you need to work hard to pass. Depending on your ability and preferences, choose any reasonable playing method. The more you play, the more knowledgeable you become, and the easier it improves your understanding. Each level will bring you to the limit of skill and intelligence. Don’t miss out on anything important that you may not know.

Slutty Journey mod apk

Fight to win

Each story chapter will take you to fierce battles with enemies. If you win, there will be many valuable prizes awarded. But if you lose, then you will have to start over until you get the final win. So you need to make sure you have enough ability to win the level. It is better to achieve a threshold of strength that surpasses the enemy to ensure progress in combat. After you are too tired from the matches, you will have leisure time. Get to see sexy pictures of young girls and join activities with them. Never have to feel stressed and angry.

Slutty Journey mod android

Dangerous Enemy

Your opponents will be fierce monsters born from darkness. They have many types and carry many unique abilities that can cause you to take a lot of damage. It is essential to learn and grasp their characteristics through confrontations. From there, get effective strategies to get rid of them quickly. Be careful with bosses at crucial levels. They are much more dangerous than normal monsters. Can even sweep your entire squad with just a few attacks. Defeat them all to get rare items and build better power.

The Journey that Slutty Journey mod brings to you is always full of new things. Turn dull moments into attractive and engaging with just simple levels.

Download Slutty Journey MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High critchance) for Android

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1 month ago
Rating :

where do i download bypass

6 months ago
Rating :

Please update to v2.21 🙂

1 year ago
Rating :

where is menu???I can’t see it!
And it cannot PVP!!!
What should I do?

1 year ago
Rating :

may I ask when can version 2.15 updated?

1 year ago
Rating :

Bro game Project qt pleasss

1 year ago
Rating :

Thanks. Next time can u make unlimited money mod?

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