RPG Sword of Elpisia MOD APK 1.1.6g (Unlimited Glowstone)

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NameRPG Sword of Elpisia APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Glowstone
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Travel in the world of Terra, famous for magic and swords with the main characters of the RPG Sword of Elpisia. Learn the story of separation and the strength that comes from true teammates. This RPG game is built with an intense storyline. You will join the main character Aldo, the young swordsman of the whole kingdom. Accompanying him was the girl who had decided to become the sword – Alice. Fight the evil force that wants to destroy the sanctity of magic. Use your own hands and the strongest sword to start and end it all.

RPG Sword of Elpisia is a turn-based combat system that is not too difficult to grasp. A special feature is that the plot is built very deeply, so the overall game is perfect. You will have just fought the most brutal battles. Just enjoyed the story of the adventure of the two main characters. Travel to the lands and meet many more critical characters later. Sometimes there will be unexpected events and mysteries revealed. We won’t be able to predict anything until the story is complete.

RPG Sword of Elpisia mod

Download RPG Sword of Elpisia mod – Tales of the saints swords and destiny

The world of RPG Sword of Elpisia is the beautiful land of Terra in the fictional stories of magic. Here the world was developed by magical civilization. Magic is an all-too-common thing and appears almost anywhere. However, overusing it will sometimes turn people into magic swords. It is a tool for evil people to exploit and destroy the human world. The story focuses on the main character, Aldo. A young man is on his way to learn about the truth behind the magic swords.

Accompanying him on this journey is Alice. She is also someone who can transform into a sword. But evil thoughts did not exist in Alice’s body and will. That’s why she became a holy sword with the color of justice, not dark and evil like the rest of the magic swords. In combat, Aldo will use the sword Alice transformed into. Together they combine and create an inseparable team. From that moment, you will discover the adventures of the two of them around the world. Learn about the magic swords and break this curse.

RPG Sword of Elpisia mod apk

Unique pixel world

When playing RPG Sword of Elpisia, you will probably feel nostalgia for past games because this game is designed with pixel graphics. This is also a smart move from the developer because pixel graphics have recently become a trend in the gaming industry. Not because of this graphic background, but the quality in RPG Sword of Elpisia is reduced. On the contrary, it is even more beautiful thanks to many new modern effects added. Your perspective will be from the top-down, observing all the characters. Move them around to explore the world and interact with NPCs. There are a lot of new elements to be added, so let’s find out now.

RPG Sword of Elpisia mod apk free

Various magic sword battlefields

The thing that players care most about in an RPG game will be how to fight. RPG Sword of Elpisia uses turn-based mechanics in combat. It is different from freestyle combat in that the player has to think every step of the way on the battlefield. Unleash attacks or skills depending on the enemy’s condition. Effects and health will play a vital role. You can add members other than the two main characters to each match to the team. Increase strength and number to overwhelm enemies. The characters you are about to meet in the plot will fight with you. Incorporate them into the squad and continue the adventure journey to the final stage.

RPG Sword of Elpisia mod free

Dozens of interesting quests

It is impossible to ignore the quest system to perform and level up. Since this trip spans many lands, the quest will also be markedly different. Maybe searching for essential items in the city. Resolve conflicts between the supporting characters you meet. Adventure in dungeons to hunt for hidden treasures. Any quest has its own story. Even if it’s a side quest, it still creates a unique emotion. Don’t miss any mission. Sometimes you will accidentally overlook an unexpected gift or a profound episode that is hard to re-experience.

RPG Sword of Elpisia free

The main plot is the first highlight of the RPG Sword of Elpisia with a large scale and hidden meaningful messages. The combat system is easy to get used to and a considerable challenge to master. The cast of characters always has their own unique stories. Create your highlight and excitement for players. If you are looking for a deep story and nostalgia of the past, RPG Sword of Elpisia mod is the almost perfect name.

Download RPG Sword of Elpisia MOD APK (Unlimited Glowstone) for Android

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Can’t win battles, enemies attack first and deal over a million in damage. Why is this?

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