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Testing apps or programs on your phone can be a fun experience, but it can sometimes create risks and dangerous consequences. But if you need such tests, consider using VMOS PRO. This application will create a virtual operating system utterly different from the original version. It is a tool that you will need to experiment with many applications and programs of unknown risk. So what will it do to support you? Simply put, it is to create an additional operating system clone of the original operating system. They will run on your device together, but that copy of the operating system is completely harmless.

So what does that harmlessness mean? That is, you can do anything on this cloned operating system. All without any impact on your original operating system. Even when you do the most dangerous things like downloading malicious code or applications containing viruses, it can be said that this is a great candidate for you to create more experiments. At the same time, it is possible to understand the potential risk from many factors. Plus, it doesn’t affect anything in your smartphone. But I still recommend using VMOS PRO on your secondary smartphones. Although it is very safe, it is still necessary to be careful.


Download VMOS PRO mod – Special virtual operating system for smartphones

Based on the data from your original operating system, VMOS PRO creates a copy of the operating system. That includes everything from applications and data that are identical to the original operating system. This is to make your software experiments work correctly. Do not allow any errors to occur during the investigation. Because it is developed exclusively for the Android operating system, only Android smartphones can download and use it. The operation of cloned applications in the virtual operating system works as usual. There are unique and simple protocols for you to move back and forth between two operating systems at the same time.

There is no risk of leaked information when you use VMOS PRO. Because it is designed to create a copy of the operating system in your smartphone, it will not take any data from your device. It just copies and creates a new document, and you control this copy. If you feel unsafe, you can delete the copy and the application at any time. Tests in the virtual operating system will sometimes affect the original operating system. In that case, delete the app immediately. You can conclude how dangerous the applications and data are of unknown origin. A relatively safe way of testing.

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Run clone apps

Even if they are clones, the applications of the virtual operating system work very well. They work no different from the original in the central operating system of the smartphone. For that reason, multitasking is unique, which I will introduce later. When running a virtual application, their data is also wholly virtual. Any activity on the virtual application will not affect the original application. That means you will use virtual applications for maximum information security. No action will be logged when reverting to the actual apps because they are implemented in the virtual application and are entirely independent. You won’t have to worry about security.

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Multitasking is more comfortable

The multitasking features on smartphones are not without. Especially Android smartphones are always famous for their multitasking. It will make it possible for users to multitask and run different applications simultaneously. That is very convenient and, at the same time, comes with many potential risks. Others can still see what you did while using your phone. So the most optimal solution is to use two applications in two different operating systems. One is the original version, and the other is in the virtual operating system. The effect will still be the same when you use multitasking. A unique feature is that all data will not be found when closing the virtual application.

Prevent unauthorized access

All native and virtual applications cannot be interfered with in any way. This is one of the reasons why VMOS PRO has become so popular and attractive to users. Creating an additional operating system means managing a different ecosystem. Since then, there will be many concerns about information virtualization. With VMOS PRO, this will never happen. Malware installed in the virtual operating system will also not be able to access the location and data of the original operating system. It is like a safety dummy that you use as a substitute to avoid danger. Any information about your phone cannot be taken away.

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Use for experiments

If done on a cloned operating system, this work will be very suitable and safe. We will use this second operating system to download applications and files of unknown origin. How safe or dangerous they are will be determined when this dual operating system crashes. If it’s serious, it’s a hazardous application. But it does not affect your smartphone but just the virtual operating system. So remove that operating system, or delete the VMOS PRO application ultimately to make them disappear. Although safety has been verified, particular caution is still required. Please test it out on your secondary smartphones.

The most obvious effect

It can be seen that VMOS PRO will ensure absolute safety for your smartphone. Even in the most dangerous situations, such as interference by malicious code or viruses, we will still handle it very quickly by deleting the copy. This is probably the essential tool for software engineers. Use for testing purposes of dangerous applications. Then observe how it affects other applications, to the smartphone itself. But it can also be used for many other purposes for general users. For example, run many different applications for work and entertainment purposes. It is incredibly safe to use to secure user information.


Make a copy of the operating system for the highest level of security. Turn seemingly complex tasks into much more manageable. Using and mixing between the native OS and the virtual OS will be entirely up to you. VMOS PRO deserves to be used safely without harming your device with such trust factors. However, it still needs to be repeated that caution is most important. Even with a secure layer of protection, when encountering malicious code or a virus that is strong enough, it will still penetrate your smartphone. Equipping knowledge and necessary information will protect you against danger, accompanying VMOS PRO mod.

How to Download & Install VMOS PRO APK for Android


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