RPG Ghost Sync MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked) 1.1.2g

Updated 04/02/2023 (1 year ago)
NameRPG Ghost Sync APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, Unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
RPG Ghost Sync MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Premium Currency
3. Unlocked No Ads

Introduce MOD APK RPG Ghost Sync

RPG Ghost Sync is a role-playing game about a world invaded by wild beasts. Countless situations are opened to take players from one surprise to another. Join the adventure and uncover the mystery behind the events. In this world, a girl is on her way to hunt dangerous creatures. While on the way to explore, she met a dog with a strange expression. It turned out that this dog was possessed by the spirit of a young man in the world of Bavaria. It was this clash that opened up many events that explained the mystery of this world. How the story turns depends on how you solve the problem.

Before entering battle, the player is projected through images of the lands. Accompanied by the text running in the middle of the screen talking about what happened here. Changing the scene to the village of Chik, she continues to be informed about the conditions there. Meet the people, the master, and the members of the shop. Players constantly move around the village in search of mysterious things that happen every day. The characters are designed to be extremely cute and interactive with each other. Many missions are associated with dangerous challenges before the player’s eyes. Accompanying you are members who share a common grudge and the goal of exploring this place.

RPG Ghost Sync mod

Download RPG Ghost Sync mod – Role-playing battle to find and destroy haunted creatures

RPG Ghost Sync is a typical classic role-playing game. Character control operations are extremely familiar with two control keys on both sides. On the left is a virtual key with a blue snowflake shape, players touch and move to control the character in the direction they want. Double-tap on the right corner of the screen to control the character to jump to the point in front. That is controlling the character during the exploration of the outer areas. And if the player encounters ghostly creatures, fight them. This is a turn-based battle, with a square showing the location of the youkai. Touch the one you want to kill first to attack it

RPG Ghost Sync mod apk

Fight with teammates

Once you have passed the first few levels, players can meet like-minded friends. Or, on the way to discover the mysteries of the village, it can also be met. Fighting with teammates can increase strength when encountering large monsters. For example, the wolf is blue but carries the soul of a young boy. Or the guy in the yellow robe, holding a string of beads in his hand. Blond girl with a pink flared skirt and green fairy wings. The duke wore a red overcoat and an elegant black felt hat on his head. The larger the number, the stronger and more powerful your squad is.

RPG Ghost Sync apk

Fight the boss

Surely every role-playing player knows the existence of boss bosses. They are the highlight of the war when appearing in dramatic moments. When attacking and killing these guys, players can collect countless rewards. These beasts have a large appearance, much stronger than the small shrimp you often meet. For example, a green unicorn with a back full of thorns. The red fire-breathing dragon with outstretched wings covers your entire team. And the mutant tiger with a thorny mane and an orange-colored spike all over its body. If you can’t kill it, the player can play it again and again.

RPG Ghost Sync apk free

Soul skill

The skill system of the game belongs to many different schools. Including earth, water, fire and wind systems, but the center of this system must be said skills of the spirit school. The skills carry the characteristic color of each type. Although the other skills are already extremely strong and can help you destroy the youkai. But if you combine these skills, your team’s strength will increase to new heights. In addition, players can upgrade weapons for themselves and their teammates. Increase combat power to shorten the time to kill enemies. The number of times you slash down decreases, but each slash gets stronger, and the youkai die.

RPG Ghost Sync android

The wild animals are raging everywhere, players need to quickly save the village. Especially RPG Ghost Sync also has a storyline throughout the missions. Until the final boss, bosses end your days of killing with them. If the player wins, the player will bring a happy ending to the villagers. The terrain area is cleverly designed like a maze to prevent players from searching. Download RPG Ghost Sync mod and summon souls to join the fight against mutant creatures.

How to Download & Install RPG Ghost Sync MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked) for Android


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