GENESIS MOD APK 1.3.7 (Menu, Auto win)

Updated on 25/12/2022 (1 month ago)
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MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto win
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Only works on rooted devices.

In the magic palace of GENESIS, you will be the great chosen one to be summoned. Let’s start a journey that no one else has been able to do before. Only you can unlock the hidden power deep within your body. Beautiful maidens will be the most suitable companions. A lot of ancient knowledge is waiting for adventurers to discover. A brave person will never back down when faced with difficulties. It is the fighting spirit of a hero and worthy people in history.

GENESIS has faithfully redrawn an adventure more beautiful than your imagination. Immerse yourself in a perfect world with colorful 2D graphics of Anime characters. We can see that the UBIS developer has done quite well with the requirements. Serve the players in the best way in the product they have created. Challenging hours will give you a lot of experience and excitement. Create an unmatched feeling of being immersed in a magical beauty. It all revolves around you, and you are the one who opens a new story.


Download GENESIS mod – Explore the vast world of magic

Faced with the complex tasks given to us by the king, we cannot refuse. Let’s start by finding yourself a group of qualified warriors to accompany you. You will lead these female warriors into real-time battles. It will be like a chessboard, and you have to fight and move correctly. The two characters will confront each other within an allowed distance. If the enemy is wholly annihilated, we can proceed to the new location. Just like that, you will pass the game screen and get yourself valuable gifts. Complete many challenges to developing yourself comprehensively and quickly.

Three character classes

We will have three main character classes: warriors, supreme wizards, and brave knights. These three classes have different fighting styles and characteristics. They have combat skills that can be activated to create a lot of advantages. You can summon the most suitable people to make a party of up to three people. These characters will fight based on the luck they get on the dice. The more enemies they kill, the more experience they gain. The end of the game screen will also reward a relatively large amount of experience. Help the characters to develop themselves quickly thanks to the hard work you put into GENESIS.

GENESIS mod free

Power Up

Don’t forget that you can also maximize the power so that the characters can reach their potential. This power comes mainly from the equipment that only they can use. It will include the specific weapon that the class possesses and the accessories. Accessories include armor and jewelry to wear. The higher the attributes, the more stats it gives. The unique thing is that you can completely upgrade these accessories. Make what they bring to be increased even more. A hero with a high level of powerful equipment will be the terror of enemies everywhere.

GENESIS mod apk

Evolve yourself

There is one more way you can make your squad stronger by evolution. Each female warrior herself has a highly terrible ultimate form. If you want to reach that realm, you have to evolve gradually through the levels. Each level of evolution will correspond to the number of stars you have. The player needs to have that character’s puzzle piece complete the development. Let’s see what the final form of a female warrior will bring. Destroy the enemy with the wrong moves. Everyone who is against you will pay the price. Don’t let the female warriors get angry and reach their limits.

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Association with the guild

To be able to do team tasks, you need to join or create your guild. The members of the guild can achieve quite a lot of common interests. From daily bonuses to gifts to upgrade heroes. Can invite members to challenge other guilds together. Bring in more fame points and take your guild’s rank to the next level. Indeed we will have more suitable conditions for more substantial development. Don’t be afraid to make new friends. Instead, create a healthy gaming environment with GENESIS mod.

Download GENESIS MOD APK (Menu, Auto win) for Android

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