Rogue Hearts MOD APK (Menu, Free craft/High damage) 1.6.8

Updated on 26/04/2022 (1 year ago)
NameRogue Hearts APK
PublisherNinetail Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free craft/High damage
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Rogue Hearts MOD APK Infomation

Mod menu:

  1. Maximum level for crafting
  2. Serious damage
  3. Lots of experience
  4. More HP
  5. Unlimited use of skills
  6. Gold is not required for crafting

Dungeons in Rogue Hearts always have monstrous and dangerous things lurking everywhere. Challenge all the adventurers who come to claim the hidden treasure. You are a good candidate to start conquering those dark places. He is ready to level all the obstacles with his strength. Sweep them all and get valuable loot. This job is not easy, but it looks like it will be interesting to experience.

Rogue Hearts is a pretty successful product from Korean developer Ninetail Games. Not only has excellent graphics, but it also has attractive gameplay. Bringing actual classic role-playing is ready to fascinate all different types of players. Not only that, but everything you can do is also very diverse. You can freely develop your character without limitations. Play so you can have a good time.

Rogue Hearts mod1

Download Rogue Hearts mod – Conquer all dangerous dungeons

As a hero, significant challenges always make you feel excited. Only dungeons can quickly satisfy what you need. The game will allow you to control the character entirely as you like. You have to move them to the necessary places to pass the dungeon. The distance between you and the target will be divided into squares for easy control. When entering the required range, the character will automatically destroy the enemy. It’s all done in sequence, so it’s easy for you to grasp everything. Don’t need too many complicated operations to complete the task. Develop your character to become more and more powerful.

When fighting, you can activate the hero’s unique skills. It will help perform special moves that deal damage or heal. Quickly knock out all the enemies in front of you quickly and neatly. However, you cannot abuse them because they have a countdown timer to reactivate.

Rogue Hearts mod free1

Unpredictable Dungeon

Every time you choose to take on the challenge, the dungeons will regenerate randomly. This will make it impossible for the player to predict everything. At the same time, avoid repeating the same boring game repeatedly. Random dungeons will require you to have a reasonable strategy. For example, traps are constructed differently and need to be known to avoid them. There are styles like mines, deserted city caves, or castles you can come across. The monsters spawned in each place will also have characteristics that only they can have. Be careful not to get in big trouble with all of them.

Rogue Hearts mod apk1

Equipment search

Before entering the dungeons, you need to prepare everything most comprehensively. Equipment will attach to the character and help them complete the battle. Each character class will have its required equipment to use. The power of the item depends on the level it is currently in. Not only that, but the rarity also dramatically affects the stats it can provide. The upgradeability of rare weapons is also higher than usual. To collect the best weapons for yourself, you need to complete the missions. Joining events or killing monsters are also effective ways to get these.

Rogue Hearts mod apk free1

Increase strength

Not only equipment but the hero’s primary stats are also reasonably necessary. The things that affect the most are attack, defense, HP, and skills used. The stats will automatically be raised to a particular range when leveling up to higher. But for the skills, you have to use the money earned to upgrade. The skill level cannot exceed the character’s current level limit. It will effectively deal more damage or influence. From there, you ultimately have enough strength to head to the more difficult levels. Bring back more high-end and much more valuable loot for yourself.

Rogue Hearts mod adnroid1

Encounter the boss

If you want to push yourself to the limit, meet the dungeon bosses. They were rulers of significant territories with destructive power. These bosses have many unique abilities that can cause you much discomfort. Creates devastating attacks that can quickly destroy you if you’re not careful. Only by defeating the bosses can you safely exit the dungeon. Also, get valuable items from their corpses. Feeling excited just listening to it, right? So what are you waiting for without downloading the Rogue Hearts mod right away?

Download Rogue Hearts MOD APK (Menu, Free craft/High damage) for Android

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