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NameNexomon APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Boxes, Traps, Unlocked, 100% Capture Rate
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Nexomon is a world of interesting creatures that can fight with each other. We can see the similarity with a famous brand of Pokemon. But here is Nexomon. This game also has very specific elements to make players feel interesting. Revolving around the main character’s journey to collect mysterious creatures. They are called Nexomon and come in many different shapes and elements. Collect them and train them to become your warriors. Become a famous Nexomon collector and win championships everywhere. Take part in exciting Nexomon tournaments around the world to prove your talent.

Here you are a trainer of a species called Nexomon. Nexomon is a game for everyone to entertain with a little strategy with cute anime-style graphics. However, you won’t have a single Nexomon creature at first. Start choosing a starter Nexomon to go on a never-ending journey. Conquer Nexomons to collect or train them. Once they have reached a certain level of strength, it will be the right time for you to add them to the battle formation.

Nexomon mod

Download Nexomon mod – Collect mystical creatures to train and fight

The world of Nexomon is a land with many interconnected continents. You are a coach who emerged from an area with a mild climate, given the necessary equipment to start the journey. You will go everywhere in the world. Encounter and collect mysterious creatures known as Nexomon. No one knows where they come from. Just know that they have appeared with humans for a long time. A trainer is someone who possesses the Nexomon. It is possible to train and evolve them to many levels. Take them into battles with other Nexomon. From there, creating the most epic and attractive Nexomon matches.

Nexomon battles may sound simple at first, but it’s a combination of many complex tactics. A match will begin when 2 Nexomon is ready to fight. Each Nexomon will have its turn to unleash power and skills. The trainer will command the Nexomon to launch the attack. Until a moment when someone’s Nexomon is exhausted and runs out of health, the other person will be the winner. So how to master in Nexomon battles? Let’s find out with me now.

Nexomon mod apk

Picking a starter Nexomon

When starting, the trainer will be selected as one of the Nexomon starters. That Nexomon will accompany you throughout your journey in the game. Therefore, it will also be your closest and strongest Nexomon. There are 9 starters Nexomon corresponding to 9 different systems. These are the Normal-type Dinja, the Water-type Noki, the Plant-type Mara, the Fire-type Lume, the Wind-type Mearn, the Electric-type Gekoko, the Ghost-type Behilda, the Psychic-type Masquiti, and the Material-type Trebly. Since they are all starter Nexomons, they will be in their first unevolved state. Their shape is also adorable when in this state. As the Nexomon evolves, the size will increase, even change shape or have more different weapons.

Nexomon mod apk free

Adventure through the lands

Nexomon consists of 10 continents with different climates and topography. Each place has particular areas dedicated to Nexomon, such as the research room, the gymnasium, and the hospital. When you unlock new lands, go there to continue your journey. You will meet new characters, new storylines, and of course, new Nexomons. Currently, there are more than 300 different Nexomon species scattered throughout the terrains of the world. Collect Nexomons from many places to diversify your warriors. Occasionally there will be events involving ancient Nexomon species. The missions that require you to engage and defeat them will be beautiful and stressful because of their difficulty.

Nexomon mod free

Join the Nexomon Tournament

The most engaging content when playing Nexomon is probably the tournament system. Converging many of the world’s best Nexomon trainers in one area. But first, let’s start with the Nexomon Arenas on the continents. Here you will meet the coaches who take on the role of commanding the gymnasium. You will engage them in friendly matches and win trophies in that arena. Depending on the style of the trainer, their Nexomon will also be very diverse in system and strength. Then let’s focus on the world Nexomon tournament. Compete against other players to see who’s Nexomon is the strongest.

The content of Nexomon is very much and will continue to be updated in the future. Explore the world of the strangest and cutest creatures. Train them and fight to become a great trainer in Nexomon mod. If you have not collected enough Nexomon or defeated famous trainers, your journey will not end.

Download Nexomon MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Boxes, Traps, Unlocked, 100% Capture Rate) for Android

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