Legendary Heroes: Revolution MOD APK 1.0.1 (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers)

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NameLegendary Heroes: Revolution APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage, Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Immerse yourself in a world of shinobi and fight as a ninja in Legendary Heroes: Revolution. Explore the story of the shinobi in the game with their powers sealed. Those characters have possessed more capacity than humans since birth but have been limited since childhood. Powers come suddenly, and they need to learn to control them so they don’t backfire. The powers inherited from the previous generation are passed on to the next generations. Those characters are considered symbols in the village of leaves and spiritual support. Fight alongside each enemy and accompany the townspeople against the impending destruction.

Join the village of leaves and become one of the legendary characters of the shinobi worldSpiritualal support has long been the strength for throwing to continue to grow. Along with that are shinobi constantly being created to continue the tradition. The enemy has targeted their leaf village, and the enemies always want to destroy this place. It’s time for shinobi like you to show off your skills one by one and destroy the enemy. Resist the dark seals created by the enemy to prevent the village from being destroyed. You and the other shinobi are the strength and support of the traditional leaf village.

Legendary Heroes Revolution android

Download Legendary Heroes: Revolution mod – Become a legendary hero of the village

The ultimate energy has been contaminated by the enemy’s impact and lost its holy power. The enemy has now messed up Konoha and may soon lose its original character. The shinobi will no longer be born, and those that remain will succumb to evil. Prevent this by gathering the shinobi in the village into a battle team. The shinobi’s ninjutsu will strengthen the squad to confront the evil enemy. Combine each Jutsu and use mana appropriately to defeat the enemy. Eliminate them all and bring peace to the legendary leaf village of talented shinobi.

Legendary Heroes Revolution apk

Talented ninja

A shinobi in the game will be controlled by you and fight to protect the leaf village. Those guys specialize in sealing powers and want to take them for themselves. However, they seem to have underestimated the power hidden within this shinobi village. Many previous generations left their ability here, and the next generation can receive them. That is the basis for Konoha to have faith against the evil that suddenly appeared. Shinobi’s magic always follows the elements, and you must learn to fight. Move like the wind, attack as sharp as lightning or defend as solid as earth. Discover the power of ninjutsu to become a talented shinobi in the world.

Legendary Heroes Revolution free

The great shinobi war

The tragedy is heading towards the shinobi village and forcing action against it. The shinobi left the leaf village, betrayed their birthplace, and taught them ninjutsu. They have been infected with the power of darkness and want to prove their power. The town needed to be protected, and the powers sealed within the body needed to be unleashed. Train the ninjas in the town and unlock the power of the shinobi squad you assemble. Stand together and proceed to protect the long-standing ability of the town that raised the ninja. Learn to become stronger by fighting traitors and gain strength to protect the town.

Legendary Heroes Revolution mod apk

Shinobi team

Konoha is in danger of being destroyed, and you must set up a battle team. These are talented ninjas who have been trained in shinobi and fighting skills since childhood. The power of the shinobi you gather will gradually increase as you release energy. The plot of this shinobi village still needs you to explore and continue to develop. You will have the opportunity to meet shinobi with strong ninjutsu to confront the enemy. So let’s train the shinobi to form a party and fight against the treacherous organization. Prove the shinobi’s superior strength against traitors willing to throw away their sanctity.

Legendary Heroes Revolution mod

Inheriting the power of the forebears in the leaf village to continue the fighting tradition was against those who betrayed the town and followed the forces of darkness. They have received power against their conscience and will soon be tormented. Those guys left the town to come back and want to destroy the place where they were born. They want to attack the place that nurtures the power town and poison all the shinobi. Gather all the people who possess talented ninjutsu and form a team of shinobi to fight. Download Legendary Heroes: Revolution to become a talented shinobi and punish the traitor of the village.

Download Legendary Heroes: Revolution MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers) for Android

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