Rock Identifier: Stone ID MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) 2.3.34

Updated 12/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameRock Identifier: Stone ID APK
PublisherNext Vision Limited
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MOD FeaturesUnlocked Premium
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Rock Identifier: Stone ID

Whether the user is a geologist, mineral explorer, gem collector, university lecturer, or student who wants to expand their knowledge of geology, rocks and minerals, you definitely can not ignore the application Rock Identifier: Stone ID. A tool capable of identifying all types of stones and providing users with all necessary information about them, helping users have the most transparent view and distinguish the difference between ordinary stones and stones. Crystals and minerals. The knowledge about geology that this application brings can undoubtedly amaze users; it turns out that this field is not as dull as we think. And also, through Rock Identifier: Stone ID, users will see the richness and magic of nature and the continent.

There are many different types of stones worldwide. Each stone will have a unique value with the Rock Identifier: Stone ID application, and users will be significantly supported on their journey to learn about types. Stones, as well as create your stone collection. No need to look up more information in any other source; all that users need is fully provided at Rock Identifier: Stone ID.

Rock Identifier Stone ID mod apk

Download Rock Identifier: Stone ID mod – Immerse yourself in the richness and diversity of rocks

Rock Identifier: Stone ID is an excellent tool for users interested in rocks. This application possesses outstanding features and intelligent AI technology, letting users know all the types of stones they find with just one scan through the device’s camera. Everything that Rock Identifier: Stone ID brings is built on the knowledge and in-depth research of many professional geologists so that it can satisfy all your requirements. Users are on a journey to collect stones. In addition to providing great information and knowledge about rocks and geology, Rock Identifier: Stone ID simplifies the user’s research and stone search process and saves a lot of money. Time.

Rock Identifier Stone ID mod apk free

Encyclopedia of stones

Rock Identifier: Stone ID provides users with an encyclopedia containing all information about rocks in the world to provide users with the essentials on their journey to learn about rocks and minerals. Self. The application will constantly update and refresh this encyclopedia to ensure users will not miss any vital information. When you want to look up information about a stone without knowing its name, the user can enter its characteristics into the search bar; The encyclopedia will display all information related to that stone. Through the encyclopedia of Rock Identifier: Stone ID, users will surely learn a lot of interesting knowledge about geology, thereby expanding their understanding of this new field.

Rock Identifier Stone ID mod android free

Scan every stone with AI

In addition to looking up information directly in the encyclopedia, users can also use the AI technology of Rock Identifier: Stone ID to scan the stone they find now; Then, the system will display the complete information. Related information. The application’s intelligent AI technology can help users identify any stone by scanning through the device’s camera. The user’s job is to put the stone neatly and turn on the scanning feature of Rock Identifier: Stone ID; now, the screen will display all the information about the stone, even the most minor details. Through the information displayed on the screen, users will know the name, structure, use, actual value, where they can find this stone the most and many other things it has been used for and Accumulated for a long time.

Rock Identifier Stone ID mod

Create your rock collection

Not only providing users with the necessary knowledge and valuable tools, Rock Identifier: Stone ID also can store and copy all information of stones and minerals that users have scanned. , users can ultimately name them according to their preferences depending on their appearance and properties to make it more convenient to arrange everything so that it is neat. Allows users to create a library to display their search results and collection of stones, giving the feeling of a user’s museum. In addition to images, users can record their own stories during the collection process and add information such as ID, location found, date, and exciting features when observed.

Rock Identifier Stone ID mod android

Download Rock Identifier: Stone ID mod expands knowledge of geology, rocks and minerals and gradually creates exhibitions displaying unique stones.

How to Download & Install Rock Identifier: Stone ID MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) for Android


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