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Updated 02/01/2024 (2 months ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Prayer Times and Qibla

For Muslims, performing five daily prayers, or salat is a primary obligation of the Muslim faith. These prayers serve as a reminder to God’s faithful, an opportunity to seek His guidance and forgiveness, and an invisible bond between all Muslims in the world sharing the sacred, noble faith. So if users do not want their prayer ritual interrupted, then Prayer Times and Qibla is a recommended mobile device applications. This application helps users know the prayer times in each country they live in based on the calculation from the geographical location that the user provides.

This application also brings relevant information such as the Islamic calendar, the names of the Islamic months, and essential holidays, helping users arrange the time and the day’s activities most reasonably not affecting theirs To prayer services.

Prayer Times and Qibla mod android

Download Prayer Times and Qibla mod – Maintain daily prayer for Muslims

Prayer Times and Qibla is an application that can accurately determine the time of the day’s prayer services and Qibla direction no matter where in the world. Help prayer is always done regularly and without interference or being forgotten by busyness. With GPS technology, users will always know where to head when starting sacred prayers, so users far away from home can still pray regularly daily. In addition, for users to conduct prayer at the correct time, Prayer Times and Qibla also provide a feature to send reminder notifications to users’ mobile phones. This ensures that no matter how busy the user is, he never forgets to pray.

Prayer Times and Qibla mod apk free

Determine prayer times

This is a handy application for Muslims; it possesses powerful features that help users know when to conduct essential daily prayers. Include the start and end times of each part of the prayer so that the user is always ready. Users can trust this application’s timeline because it is designed with information from the Center for Space Research and the Islamic World in Saudi Arabia. For Prayer Times and Qibla to determine the most accurate time, users need to choose the right place for themselves from this application’s list. Or, enable GPS so that the system automatically updates the user’s location, then the calculation process will be started quickly.

Prayer Times and Qibla mod

Qibla direction for those who pray

Not only providing users with clear milestones at each necessary time during prayer services, Prayer Times and Qibla also help users to find the Qibla direction, the location towards the Kaaba in Makkah city, where all believers Muslims everywhere in the world always turn to through very trustworthy and careful guidance. Thanks to GPS technology, this app will come from the user’s current location to find the exact Qibla direction. The user’s task is to access Prayer Times and Qibla, keep the mobile device upright, then move the phone until the arrow on the screen points to the Qibla direction icon on the screen. The search is complete. This helps users know where to pray and shows the distance from their current location to the city of Makkah.

Prayer Times and Qibla mod apk

Prayer reminder notification

For users not to be busy with work and daily life activities but forget about prayer tasks, Prayer Times and Qibla will always send a reminder notification to their mobile phone whenever it is near—Time to pray. However, for the notification feature to work best, the user must still enable this feature and allow it to be sent to the device. The notification of the application will include the specific time and name of each prayer ceremony so that the user can arrange his time and all his work smoothly without hindering the sacred prayer. This is extremely necessary and useful for users who always have to deal with too much work or live far away from their hometown, helping them promptly perform important prayer rituals.

Prayer Times and Qibla mod android free

Download Prayer Times and Qibla mod to promptly perform important prayer rituals of the day under thoughtful reminders and support.

How to Download & Install Prayer Times and Qibla MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) for Android


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