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Updated 12/03/2024 (1 month ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Prayer Now

Prayer Now  MOD APK is an application that can meet all the requirements in the daily life of Muslims. There are many activities that Muslims cannot ignore and must perform regularly every day as an integral element of life. However, with the hustle and bustle of the busy world, everyone is busy with their own concerns, accidentally forgetting these activities is inevitable. Therefore, to help Muslim individuals always know what to do and the exact time of each important activity, Prayer Now was born.

Must-do activities for Muslims will include Qiyaam AI-Layl, Daily Azkar, Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, White Day Fasting, Qurannic Werd, Standing up for Iqama Prayer, Reading Surah AI-Kahf on Friday and countless other small activities. These activities require to be done at the right time to express gratitude. With Prayer Now, users will no longer need to try to remember everything or take notes in a notebook. This application will always send notifications before the to-do activity takes place to remind each individual.

Prayer Now mod

Download Prayer Now MOD APK – Always know the exact time and direction to pray

Muslims come from many parts of the world, so the direction and time of prayer will have certain differences between different countries. To provide the most accurate direction and time to users, Prayer Now will conduct comprehensive analysis based on the geographical location provided after download. Users will then receive detailed information so they can easily pray at home or at any location. Even when participating in business trips or long trips, users’ prayers cannot be interrupted. In addition, Prayer Now users also have the opportunity to access the call to prayer sounds of famous voices such as AI-Naqshabadi, Mishary Rashid and many others during the prayer process through available Athan.

Prayer Now mod apk free

Enjoy Azkar and read the Islamic holy Quran

Documents that seem not to be easy to access such as Azkar and the holy Quran will now be in the palm of users’ hands with the support of Prayer Now. Users will have the opportunity to enjoy Azkar at any time of the day with Azkar in the morning, evening, before going to bed and praying. They are available and divided into different categories for users to change over time. Not stopping there, users can also read the Quran with many professional features, and have access to the digital version of the Quran. No matter which country the user comes from in the world, Prayer Now will support that country’s language. This software provides a convenient and portable experience of reading Islamic documents, even for those who recite them by heart.

Prayer Now mod apk

Instructions to Mecca and nearby mosques

So when users are searching for sites where they can perform daily worship, Prayer Now will lead them. Second, it can use GPS to find the nearest mosques around a user’s vicinity and suggest appropriate names. In other words, when a user sets out on their Haj to Mecca, they know where they can open up this application and once again be led by it. The user need not have an Internet connection at all, for regardless of where the route-tracing software determines that he currently is, Prayer Now will provide him with directions appropriate to his location. Mecca, the holy place and spiritual site of immortal Islam welcoming people to visit has also never been so easy. The intelligent GPS location-tracking software then takes users to the correct cubic.

Prayer Now mod android

Enjoy Ramadan Islamic collection

Now Prayer Now users can also get the current year dedications or Emsakia on their mobile phones with a click of button. In addition, one can at any time or place remember Suhoor (Iftar) and receive it as a reminder. They can also place the app’s widget on their home screen to get reminders of prayer times, Islamic calendar, and other information about stuff they should be doing. Meanwhile, when visiting Prayer Now’s Quaran Zikr online community users have the chance to meet and chat with fellow Muslims throughout the globe. This kind of software seems limitless in its potential to aid those who have decided to freely walk on the road that is Islam.

Prayer Now mod android free

This software provides a lot of professional tools to help Muslim users successfully complete prayers and many other activities. With Prayer Now MOD APK even new Muslim users will not feel confused by the richness of Islamic activities.

How to Download & Install Prayer Now MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) for Android


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