Slaughter 3: The Rebels MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.72

Updated 19/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameSlaughter 3: The Rebels APK
PublisherRay Spark
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Slaughter 3: The Rebels

Slaughter 3: The Rebels MOD APK (Unlimited money) open a death war between the sentinel and the prisons. Players begin the journey to explore the mysterious city deep on this vast earth. Over the years, that place was used to detain criminals. Murderers, robbers, and thugs are all sentenced to life in prison, forever not allowed to go out. The mad blood in them began to rise, gather and conspire to destroy this dark place. You are one of the correctional officers; after a long absence, you have returned but no longer have your teammates; they were killed by those prisoners.

They also smashed the ancient wall, fell, and quickly escaped. When you return to see your comrades sacrificed, you are not satisfied. You will also plot to kill them; they take your brother, and you also take their life. They used to have a criminal record, but now that they have escaped from prison, they are not afraid of anything. They even fought more fiercely than ever, running away. They have also prepared their weapons, and so do you; sniper rifles become practical support tools. It’s time to restore order to the prison, send the criminals back to their old places and let them live here until they die.

Slaughter 3 The Rebels android 1

Download Slaughter 3: The Rebels APK mod – deal with prison escapes

A giant prison contains creepy criminals and any tricks they can perform. They become even more rampant when they are locked up, finding ways to cut down the barrier. Their anger makes everything burn; the sound of gunfire and bullets is louder than war. Before that chaotic situation fell at the right time when you returned to guard duty. Many bad things happen in front of our eyes; watching your friend lying in the blood is heartbreaking. And the confrontation between you and the criminals officially establishes, destroys and brings peace as before.

Slaughter 3 The Rebels mod apk

Explore the prison space

You’d be wrong if you thought the prison in Slaughter 3: The Rebels APK 1.72 was secretive or terrible. Going deep inside, you will see other large, multi-dimensional spaces to explore. Possessing a massive height and many different floors, the prison is suitable for this game. Offenders hide everywhere; sometimes, suddenly, they attack you from behind. You can experience a variety of places, from indoors to outdoor. Dark, gloomy rooms or in the middle of the day, bright electric lights make others curious. Tracing the trail as you go everywhere, conquering the dangers and challenges always surround the player.

Slaughter 3 The Rebels pak free

Use a variety of weapons

Guns will be a standard weapon in Slaughter 3: The Rebels MOD APK or can play swords. All decisions are up to you; choosing the right gun to fight is not easy. Players must consider, put up and down, and then click to use. You can prioritise which gun is first or second to deal with each type of enemy individually. Every weapon needs to be upgraded and collect a lot of trophies. That helps you buy better guns, more potent in power to destroy terrible opponents. Because the enemy will also be counted by level from weak to strong, observe the prisoner in terms of size to equip with weapons fully, do not let them shoot and then detect.

Slaughter 3 The Rebels apk

Play as a team

At first, you may be lonely, lost, alone fighting the killers. More complex levels require teamwork, and the fight will be more enjoyable when there are many players. You combine flexibly with your team to destroy the target, assigning the right people according to ability. They are unbelievably numerous, looking back and forth so as not to be overwhelmed by the prison. A city full of murders, the inevitable gore. Playing in a team will have specific strategies have a plan to destroy all the extraordinary things that happen. Interact with people in the group, make a powerful team, and go where to beat the opponent.

Slaughter 3 The Rebels mod

The scene of prisoners in Slaughter 3: The Rebels is scary and contains many secrets. You are a talented soldier who will cope with danger, regardless of life. You harshly punish the villains, who have done bad things and now want to escape. You or your teammates can only contain their anger. Colleagues have all been assassinated; they have suffered a lot. You sketch the plan’s map for a thrilling battle facing the prison boss. They are determined to survive with you; download Slaughter 3: The Rebels mod and complete the mission to send the murderers back to prison again.

How to Download & Install Slaughter 3: The Rebels MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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