Riot Buster MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Characters) 0.3.2

Updated 30/04/2024 (1 month ago)
NameRiot Buster APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked Characters
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Riot Buster

Perfectly fulfill the duties of a policeman patrolling parts of the city in Riot Buster. You will become a force protecting the city where you live from dangers. That’s when you become a cop patrolling the entire city and preparing for any eventuality. Criminals will appear at any time, and you have to prepare yourself. So you must drive the police car to the crime scene and arrest them. However, crime will increase, and you cannot protect the city. Protect the city safe from the forces of crime with your security team.

Criminals are always considered to be the cause of disaster wherever they appear. Therefore, they are objects that those in charge of protection must capture at all costs. And you will become one of the security forces when entering the large city. This is a land where many people live, and it is your responsibility to protect everyone. Hence you will be equipped with police cars and start on patrol duty. You can drive your cars to crime areas and arrest them. Keep your city safe from criminals with a talented city security team.

Riot Buster android

Download Riot Buster mod – Capture all the criminals of the city

You will be one of the critical forces in the city with responsibility for security. And that’s when you become a police officer and take on a crime-hunting mission. They will be hiding everywhere in the city, and you have a task to hunt them down at all costs. So you will be equipped with police cars to patrol the whole city. But your task will be more difficult when the criminals carry out evil plans. They will find any way to cause a riot; you must prevent it at all costs. Lead the police force and act as an officer protecting the city from crime.

Riot Buster apk

Become a policeman

Security is always an issue that a city must ensure to attract people to live. And you will be the one who holds a vital role as one of the police officers. Your task is to confront the criminals hiding in the city. They will find ways to cause waves of riots and destroy the government apparatus. So to protect the city safely, you must become a good policeman. And once you have your forces, you will begin your journey to protect the city from crime. Become a cop and start your adventure filled with criminals.

Riot Buster free

Criminal arrest

You will lead a security team and patrol the city streets. This is a force trained to prevent any danger to the peace. And they will follow your commands and look for the presence of criminals. They are criminals and will seek to create riots within the city. So you will be with your security forces to find and arrest them all. But this will be a difficult task because criminals can hide among the waves of civilians. Arrest all criminals after you identify them as rioters.

Riot Buster mod apk

Maintain the peace

Your task is to lead a team of powerful security forces in the city. They are the people who will accompany you in the police cars on the roads. That’s when you do your patrol duty and look for the criminals. They entered the city to cause riots and destroy the peace there. And as a policeman, you will prevent this from happening. So the best way for you to maintain the peace is to arrest all the criminals in the city. Show the talent of a police force leader when protecting people’s peace.

Riot Buster mod

You will enter a city where riots can happen at any time. And the perpetrators of that crime are the criminals who have sneaked into this city. They have the goal of instilling indecent perceptions about city government. And when the time is right, the criminals will create riots and coups. But you belong to the city police force and will not allow this to happen. So you will lead your forces to hunt down and arrest city criminals. Download Riot Buster mod to kill criminals with your police force leadership talent.

How to Download & Install Riot Buster MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Characters) for Android


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