Dan the Man MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.11.80

Updated 20/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameDan the Man APK
PublisherHalfbrick Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Dan the Man MOD APK detail?

You need to turn off the internet before opening the game for the mod to work.

Introduce MOD APK Dan the Man

Dan the Man: Action Platformer is a game where you will accompany a few characters to attack the enemy. With retro pixel graphics will make the highlight with the classic style. Choose one of 3 characters, there are not many heroes in the game’s character system. Your adventure will revolve around destroying enemies, collecting coins and weapons. Dan, Josie, and Barry are the guys who will walk you through enemy gates. From basic skills like fists, collect weapons in the game screen to be able to attack strong opponents. Dan the Man always has a joyful atmosphere from music to images, fight to survive, and move on.

Dan the Man has enough story to convince any fastidious player. Collect coins, break pottery, eliminate enemies to go to new lands. Your opponent is very dangerous, they have knives, guns, and very large numbers. The deeper you go into the level, the harder it is for your opponents to destroy. They are very flexible and are always ready to assist when a teammate is attacked. Use the weapons you picked up in the game screen to break the siege of enemies. Fight to the last breath to go to the end of the story of Dan the Man.

Dan the Man mod

Version MOD Dan the Man?

  • Available 999999 Gold.
  • Premium.

Note that you need to turn off the intenet to ensure that the MOD feature works. Players can upgrade characters with available money and unlock many new skills. In addition, the Premium feature is also updated in this version, giving you many advanced functions and utilities.

Dan the Man mod money

Download Dan the Man MOD – The battle of heroes

How to control the character is simple, just move back and forth between the two sides, jump and attack. The difficult roads are also challenging for players, you have to be clever to overcome them. Dan the Man does not force you to play in a hurry, always agile in the move also helps you avoid the hunt of enemies. While the game is too imbalanced, do not try to fight. Find ways to disperse the opponent and play retail to help you lose fitness. In addition, the locations where game data is stored are very important. If you want to exit the game halfway, pay attention to the data save to not waste your time.

3 main game modes

Adventure, Story, and Survival are the game modes in the current version of Dan the Man. Each mode is a different type of battle. Do not miss any option because it gives you a great battle. For example, Adventure lets players race against time to finish. Move fast and collect clocks to gain more time. Reaching the finish line early in time will get you gems corresponding to the selected difficulty level. If you are in need of a longer adventure, Jetpack Joyride will meet that criteria with endless laboratory play.

Dan the Man mod download

Upgrade skills for characters

The characters all have the same skills. Ulimate combos, Advanced down-kick, basic high-kick, grab n ‘throw, sucker punch, and power attack are skills in Dan the Man. In addition to comments in the form of text, players can easily understand when viewing with specific images. Each skill has its own role in every fight, upgrade them all to the maximum limit. When fighting Boss, you only understand the difference after the character has improved these stats.

Dan the Man mod android

Add new skills

Costume Machine randomly generates new skills. You need to redeem Tokens from viewing ads or paying to open them. Characters have the ability to fight to strengthen the power when standing in front of enemies in difficult levels. How many skills do you want your hero to have?

Dan the Man mod apk

Dan the Man has many game modes but it is not as much as the Stickman Party minigame system. You want many different games in one version, it is the game that suits your needs. Dan the Man focuses on exploring Halfbrick’s own story in many ways. Your opponent is not only an enemy but also time. Download Dan the Man MOD to fight all enemies and collect money, weapons for your hero.

How to Download & Install Dan the Man MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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