Otogi: Spirit Agents MOD APK 5.0.1016 (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers)

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NameOtogi: Spirit Agents APK
PublisherMitama Technology Co., Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Being someone special can be challenging for anyone. But you can understand these feelings through the world of Otogi: Spirit Agents. Here you will possess special psychic powers that no one else has. Use these abilities to help those less fortunate. Solve problems related to surreal things like ghosts or demons. Helping people to live peacefully and happily

Otogi: Spirit Agents is a strategic card fantasy role-playing game. This is a fantastic product from developer Mitama Technology. The plot is set in a fantasy world with a lot of surrealist genres. The characters in these are designed in the form of hand-drawn anime images. Collecting is the main task that players have to do in this colorful game. Not only that, but the ability to execute each person’s strategy is also essential.

Otogi Spirit Agents mod

Download Otogi: Spirit Agents mod – Show off your special abilities

There are always supernatural phenomena in the world. As a spirit agent, you possess the ability to see and control supernatural entities. These entities can be spirits, demons, angels, or invisible energies. The souls you summon are called Daemons with great power. They will help you a lot in battles involving spiritual elements. This journey is arduous, so be prepared. Create the most powerful Daemon team to defeat opponents along the way. Wipe out the weird things and send them to the space.

Discover the story

The story of Otogi: Spirit Agents is built around a combination of battles and character dialogue. All will be divided into several chapters for you to start exploring gradually. Each chapter will have the appearance of a new Daemon, and you must complete the quest to get it. If that Daemon you already own, it can be split into power-up gems. Travel to different locations to investigate complex new cases. Help those who are struggling because of Daemon’s destruction. Learn more about the historical development of the world. Step by step, become a seasoned warrior.

Otogi Spirit Agents mod free

Powerful Daemons

Daemons are beings that were born and come from the world of spirits. Some of them can gain quite a lot of power and sometimes cause harm to humans. Soul agents can capture them and summon them at will. Each Daemon has its unique strength to promote its potential. Some Daemons are strong in attack, defense, or amazing healing. A squad that has all the essentials will be the first choice. Daemons can support each other to fight continuously and persistently. Let’s proceed to raise them to a higher level to be able to exploit their potential fully.

Otogi Spirit Agents mod apk

Use items

In Otogi: Spirit Agents, the number of items that benefit you will be extremely large and varied. First of all, the healing potions have significant effects. From healing, mana regeneration increases combat power and even revives characters. These potions can be obtained from login rewards level-up bonuses. The store is also a place to sell these items at a reasonable price. There are also other things like summoning points to accumulate and summon Daemons. Challenge points earned from quests can be exchanged for Daemons or essentials. Soulstones can be used for guild offerings or fusion of other items.

Otogi Spirit Agents mod android

Precious Jewelry

Jewelry for humans only has a beautiful effect, but it is different from Daemon’s exceptional jewelry. These jewels can boost some of their base stats. Some gemstones can raise Daemon’s damage, defense, or HP. Others offer healing or beneficial buffs. These precious things can all be purchased in the game’s store. Their prices are also exceptionally high, so consider before spending money on them. Research what your Daemons lack or need. From there, make appropriate choices to compensate for weaknesses or promote abilities.

During the game, you can ultimately make friends with other players. Join them to complete tasks or help each other to grow better. Track your progress and try to improve your playing skills based on that. Otogi: Spirit Agent’s mod does not need you to be too competitive. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Download Otogi: Spirit Agents MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers) for Android

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