Renaissance Fighters MOD APK 1.6.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameRenaissance Fighters APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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1. Unlimited Gold (never decrease when you spent)

Renaissance Fighters is an action game inspired by paintings from the renaissance period. Open wars are funny and entertaining. Here you are transformed into a famous painter, Leonardo Davinci. He is the artist with portrait paintings for life. You become this painter and recruit the heroes of your paintings to join the war. Since he has many different paintings, the number of heroes is also extremely large and uncountable. Each has unique and unmistakable skills. They transform into heroes you’ve never seen before.

Renaissance Fighters ushered in an era in which the painter Leonardo Davinci was not only a gifted painter but also a sublime researcher. He invented a muscle-building machine, but this machine created a huge explosion. Unfortunately, this explosion had a huge impact. The gates of hell were thus opened, and the demons entered one after another to wreak havoc on the world. Quickly put the muscle machine into action to power up your heroes. Have you ever imagined that MonaLisa has a muscular body like real gymers?

Renaissance Fighters mod

Download Renaissance Fighters mod – The battle between renaissance muscle people

The game circuit is described in story mode, each battle takes place in stages and the difficulty increases gradually. Just touching the opponent’s body can launch thousands of pounding punches. At the beginning the player owns a default hero character. It is the painter Leonardo Davinci muscular version. After going through a few stages, you can collect certain achievements. Unlock heroes from his paintings and sculptures. The artist will stand in the center, left and right are the positions of the remaining heroes. The main target is statues that are infected with the poison of the explosion and become difficult.

Renaissance Fighters mod apk

Hero Collection

Instead of familiar heroes with supernatural powers that appear in American movies. All the heroes of Renaissance Fighters come from the artist’s paintings or sculptures. The wolf has a golden body color with bloodshot eyes. The knight wore full body armor and carried a sharp sword on his back. Clown with sly face. For the god of the sky with a pure white robe. Especially if you have the opportunity, you will own MonaLisa. Not an ordinary character because she possesses skills that the rest of the heroes don’t have. The whole body is muscular and strong.

Renaissance Fighters apk

Various skills

As announced above, each hero carries different skills. Except the same in the basic action of punching the opponent in the face. For example, the Buddha has the skill to shoot fire at the opponent. Every time you touch the screen, there will be a flash of light accompanied by yellow lightning that shoots at the enemy. Or MonaLisa with an iron fist. Each punch she throws has a purple halo that represents her peak strength and speed. The god of the sky gets a bonus hypnosis skill. After hypnotizing an enemy, you will be free to attack him for 30 seconds. The heroes, after upgrading skills that are increased are more diverse and rich.

Renaissance Fighters android

Multiple game modes

In addition to the story mode as announced at the beginning of the article, Renaissance Fighters also offers other game modes. Duel mode, Dungeon mode, raid mode, Venture mode. Each mode the manufacturer offers has a variety of tasks, challenges and worthy rewards. In Duel mode, players can participate in the battle with other players from all over the continent. Dungeon mode takes place in towers. There is a genie of a genie, an army of vampires,… poisoned. It is necessary to destroy all the youkai in order to receive the rewards. Special events will unleash bosses with high skills and HP. Modes are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Renaissance Fighters apk free

In addition to the ability to upgrade through the muscle generator. Players can equip the character with supporting accessories. Gold armor sets, iron gloves, helmets and more. Upgrade these items to increase the value and combat stats of the character. Unique items add to the hero’s charm. For each battle, choose the right hero lineup. Analysis of combat ability, defensive skills. The realistically rendered heroes give the feeling of a renaissance coming back. Download Renaissance Fighters mod back to the renaissance.

Download Renaissance Fighters MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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