Scrap Metal Factory MOD APK (Free purchase) 1.9.4

Updated 07/03/2023 (7 months ago)
NameScrap Metal Factory APK
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Introduce Scrap Metal Factory MOD APK

When scrap metal becomes a valuable item, Scrap Metal Factory is a good market. Willing to spend a large amount of capital to run a strange business. But this way of doing things has a high level of creativity in working towards big ideas. Items recycled will, of course, have a much higher value than the original. You can also be a business tycoon with vast amounts of money. So keep innovating and find items that sell for more. Hold the billion-dollar empire in your hands and use them as your strategies.

Scrap Metal Factory is a business and idle game developed by PlayHard.Lab. They always have good game products and quality down to every detail. So when playing, you will never want to stop no matter what you are doing. But it is also perfectly suitable for those who do not have much time. Bringing an unexpected and unique business management model. The feeling of earning great money and managing a business. Making money here will be much simpler than in real life. So keep playing and getting rich until you are satisfied.

Scrap Metal Factory mod apk

Download Scrap Metal Factory mod – Run your recycling business

Your business specializes in acquiring old metal items to be able to use. This makes it possible to create many different objects that bring incredible value. We will operate our automated production line continuously. When you put in metal sources, they will transform you simply so that we were able to sell them and generate income. It would be best to accumulate enough income to invest in something else. It is possible to improve technology and create new and more valuable products. Find ways to make a lot of money and expand your influence on the world.

Product Variety

You’ll probably find your factory starting with small, inexpensive products that people usually use. Next, after we have enough money, we start to move towards more expensive products such as soft drinks, canned meat, and car engines,… Even more advanced can produce gold bars. Full of value. Produce even prestigious trophies to give to the winning athletes. Anything with metal will be produced as well as made available to consumers. They will have a price so that you can review them most carefully before you invest. Find good sources of ingredients for even better-value products.

Scrap Metal Factory mod

Hire managers

Never underestimate the management of employees because they are not as hardworking as you think. We need a manager to get behind the scenes and make them even faster. So there will be many management options suitable for your current income. Sign the contract; they will stand behind the workers and push them to work. You will see the production speed pushed up much higher than before. Thanks to that, the product produced will also be more than ever. From there, getting more profits for the business is easy. Hire senior managers so they can optimize their work more efficiently than anyone else.

Scrap Metal Factory mod free

New event

The event is an opportunity for us to have more income and create growth for the factory. You will see events open at certain intervals during play. Events are like mini-games where you can develop a few other skills. Mostly will not be too tricky and bring fun as well as rewards. Scrap Metal Factory mod is the best place to test your business talent.

How to Download & Install Scrap Metal Factory MOD APK (Free purchase) for Android

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