ReFactory MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.12.8

Updated 06/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameReFactory APK
PublisherBivak LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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ReFactory MOD APK detail?

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Introduce MOD APK ReFactory

Rebuilding civilization from scratch on an alien planet is the content of the game ReFactory. The space theme always brings something new to gamers. All are based on many very realistic perspectives because there are many things beyond the universe that we still do not know. A journey into space and other planets in outer space is always fascinating without being outdated. This element is once again included in the ReFactory. However, this time our journey will not be very smooth. A tragedy happened and destroyed everything. You will stand up to rebuild the whole in a rush.

Your spacecraft on a trip to space has a tragedy. A strong tremor caused everything to stop working. The ship lost control and landed on a completely alien planet. There was no longer any hope that this ship could be saved. Until the AI ​​system was still working, she knew well that the ship was in danger and in need of repair. So the adventure on that strange planet begins. Open up a reconstruction of the Spaceship and build a base on it.

ReFactory mod

Download ReFactory mod – Rescue yourself on an alien planet

The ship’s control equipment was damaged, but fortunately, the machines were still working. You have to order them to leave the Spaceship and move around the planet. The main purpose is to survey and learn about the resources available here. Collect important artifacts and resources to start the renovation of the Spaceship. Create a large-scale factory on this strange planet to improve mining operations. Gradually move towards the goal of discovering all the matter on the planet. Then we will develop the appropriate technologies to improve the spacecraft.

Start by assigning crews and machines to search for resources. Find essential resources such as wood, copper ore, iron and rare metals, granite and petroleum… These are just the raw materials that form the first basis for building factories on the planet… To renovate the Spaceship, you need more than that. Combine many rare materials to create the most advanced technologies. Experiencing the process of finding and developing resources continuously without stopping. The scale of the plant will be expanded until it covers the entire planet.

ReFactory mod apk

Searching for the crew

During the spacecraft’s loss of control, many crew members fell off the ship and were scattered across this strange planet. As an artificial intelligence of the ship, you have to renovate the spacecraft and carry out the operation to rescue the missing crew. So we need a mechanical force to find the crew. The journey to see them will be easy and complex, depending on where the crews are relative to the factory you’re building. Members are missing deep in many areas. When you get there, you’ll discover we’re not the only creatures. A fierce war is about to break out.

ReFactory mod apk free

Encounter with strange races

The appearance of monsters signalled that they were the inhabitants of this planet. Surely they would not welcome the arrival of humans here. Search engines will encounter them at any moment. Update your position there and launch an attack force. Control the space weapon systems to the place where the monsters are. There will be a lot of war between the fighting machine system and the monsters. Not only one, but many races of monsters inhabit this planet. Create a barrier to protect the factory from the invasion of monsters. Create lines to fight and destroy them eliminate the danger.

Advanced technology development

From the resources collected on the strange planet, we will combine them to start the process of creating technology from scratch. Since the Spaceship is equipped with many modern tools, this will happen faster than usual. Upgrade from chemical reactions to many modern technological machines and equipment. Invented explosives and plastic materials for industrial use. Exploiting more and more rare resources will promote faster technology development. They started to develop the factory with many advanced tools from those foundations. Develop many technological weapons of destructive power. Find a way to renovate the Spaceship and leave this place.

ReFactory mod free

Look for anything that can be used to advance science. Build a giant factory to renovate spaceships. Search for survivors and fend off the onslaught of many mysterious races. Download ReFactory mod to perform the role of true artificial intelligence. Save what’s left of the horrifying disaster and return home safely.

How to Download & Install ReFactory MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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