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Updated 16/01/2024 (5 months ago)
NameRebel Racing APK
PublisherHutch Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Disable opponents/Activate Nitro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Rebel Racing MOD APK detail?
  • V1: Menu, Disable opponents
  • V2 MOD Menu
  1. Activate Nitro
  2. Frozen AI Enemies
  3. Dumb Cars
  4. 1st Win Every Match

Introduce MOD APK Rebel Racing

Have you ever imagined yourself as a racer? Overcome all opponents and challenge on every path. Go at high speed and drive superb cars. This is definitely the dream of many people. Have yourself supercars and drive all the way. Show off your handlebars on the track. Achieving high post-driving records quickly. Rebel Racing is the game that will let you do all that. Get immersed in speed racing. Affirm your own silk steering wheel. All paths will not be able to make it difficult for you anymore.

Become a driver and conquer every track. That is what you have been wishing for so long. Now, Rebel Racing will make that happen. You will be the owner of many luxury cars. Race at extreme speeds on the roads. Show off your driving skills and what you want. Rebel Racing opens vast races and you will be the main character. Conquer all unstable roads full of difficulties. Rebel Racing will also allow you to improve your steering wheel after many races.

Rebel Racing mod

Download Rebel Racing mod – Conquer all races

Entering the challenging track. Can you pass it or not? Try yourselves with Rebel Racing. A game that opens up quality racing routes. You will be the driver of the car and go professionally. All paths are easy for you. Overcome all other opponents and win. Rebel Racing will work with you to generate the highest score. So that you will be a racer that no one can match. Would you like to be like that? Rebel Racing will help you with your own answer. Your job with Rebel Racing and create miracles on every race offline.

Rebel Racing mod free

Owning a super car

This is one of the wishes of thousands of different people. Participating in Rebel Racing, you will be the owner of many boxers. Colorful supercars and unique designs. Coming to Rebel Racing, you will be the owner of many famous car manufacturers. That is great, right? Products of cult brands that people want to have. Quality and eye-catching cars. All of them are the world’s leading brands. Players will get their own truck collection. From many luxurious and modern designs. You have many different options for driving.

Rebel Racing mod android


Your task when playing Rebel Racing will be participating in the races. Many other competitors will also race with you. Face off against them and take your car over all your opponents. Quickly reach the finish line to win. Not only that, there are many bumpy tracks that cause difficulties while driving. Use your best ability, concentration, and driving skills. To overcome everything and be the winner. Everything brought on the road will be different challenges. The race of formidable opponents. Road condition is also one of the major impacts on results. Adjust vehicle speed and drive properly. Minimize the risk of a collision or unexpected accidents.

Rebel Racing mod apk

Vehicle controls

Car control is also one of the skills of the driver. Rebel Racing also provides players with a dashboard. So that you can move the car in the direction you want. Increase or decrease speed, left or right. It all depends on the player’s preferences. Easily for you to drive on the track in the most efficient way. When driving a car, you should also focus more on. Handle all situations on the track and avoid dangers on the road. Use the control panel with fairly simple operations. For all players to drive safely and quickly get back to the finish line as soon as possible.

Rebel Racing dramatic racing game. For the player to own the super-good truck. Enter the race with many opponents. Earn high positions on the race leaderboards. Affirm your own driving skills. Rebel Racing will let you enjoy the charismatic racing atmosphere. Let’s go with Rebel Racing to defeat all other players. Download Rebel Racing mod to conquer the track to show class.

How to Download & Install Rebel Racing MOD APK (Menu, Disable opponents/Activate Nitro) for Android


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