Death Rover MOD APK (Max Upgrade) 2.5.0

Updated 02/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameDeath Rover APK
PublisherBinary Punch
MOD FeaturesMax Upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Death Rover

With Death Rover, you will be opened up to the crazy battle against the aliens. This is a racing game similar to Rovercraft combined with novel combat. That means you will be both a racer and a warrior to save the galaxy. Your car is bouncing on the rough and bumpy road of many different planets. Join the battle on the supreme spaceship and protect our beautiful earth. The action takes place on the Beta-4 system full of hardships and challenges. If you are a fan of cars, then Death Rover will be a suitable choice.

The event takes place in the distant future when people are living a peaceful life. Then suddenly received word of the disturbance outside the planet. With the help of Professor Lee, Death Rover’s rover fleet quickly received a notice to rescue the lost human. Trapped humans are scattered across all planets in the galaxy. You need to bring your teammates into the brutal battle. Salvage the cries of distress that need to be released on these planets. Drive your beloved chariot across the moon and explore the routes of the moon.

Death Rover mod apk

Download Death Rover – be both a great racer and join the fight against the zombies invading the galaxy.

Death Rover opens up an exciting and mysterious sci-fi plot. When earth humans set foot on distant planets beyond the galaxy, they discovered the existence of hordes of zombies and alien creatures. But they also could not stop the intentions of human exploration adventure. You don’t just get to participate in chariot racing. Besides, you also need to join in the battle to wipe out the demons here. This war will occur in the future when people have enough scientific knowledge to open up discoveries. Many enemies are attacking us with evil intentions.

Death Rover apk free

The levels correspond to the planet.

With a racing game that combines action, the game screen divided into different levels is no longer a strange thing. Death Rover is no exception. At first, you will set foot to fight in the dear blue earth after wiping out all the vampires here. You will be unlocking the next planet. From the moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, … planets are present in this universe. Each world will have different terrain and climate. There are places covered by the burning desert. Or white roads covered with snow and ice. Each planet will have different gravity and obstacles. Make it difficult for players.

Death Rover mod

Crafting the chariot

Coming to Death Rover, you will be provided with seven different types of vehicles. From moon jeep, moon tank, rover, racing car,… are all present. The components of these tanks will be hand-picked by you in the warehouse or shop. Let’s upgrade them to higher levels to increase their fighting ability. You can customize the car to level 5, which is the max of a component. Raised wheels, scopes, fuses, antenna rods, power boxes, etc. Different vehicles will also come with additional accessories. Choose cars that are suitable for the terrain of the planets here. Engines, accelerators, and jets also need more attention.

Death Rover android

Destroy the demons

Besides participating in car racing, Death Rover requires you to destroy zombies. They will appear to block your way and launch obstacles. Maybe a zombie skull. Or the red-eyed legless demon. Giant bull-headed demon. Because each planet is different in terms of living conditions, the strange creatures here also have other characteristics. You need to destroy all of them to complete the goal of a planet. You can also play repeatedly if you don’t kill all of them before you run out of fuel. Please act neatly and carefully to avoid entanglement later.

Death Rover apk

With Death Rover you will experience climbing hills with fancy off-road vehicles. Not only that, but they also participate in fierce battles. The combination of the 3D interface with the physical gameplay creates a strange feeling of going up and down the hill. If you throttle too much, your car can be overturned anytime. Each vehicle will also have separate specifications. The theory should be applied firmly to increase defense and combat. Paying attention to engines, accelerators, and jets is also essential. Download Death Rover mod to participate in the battle to destroy the zombies invading the galaxy.

How to Download & Install Death Rover MOD APK (Max Upgrade) for Android


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