Dr. Driving MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.69

Updated on 21/05/2022 (3 years ago)
NameDr. Driving APK
PublisherSUD Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Dr. Driving driving simulation game of real traffic from SUD Inc. You need to obey the traffic laws and complete the requirements to get a driver’s license. Your driving skills will be increased if you follow the rules and control your car carefully. Dr. Driving has a busy traffic system, it is easy to get into an accident if not paying attention. The tight security system, police will appear as soon as an incident occurs. You have no way to escape when you have violated traffic safety. Strictly obeying, showing good driving ability is all that players can do.

You will understand that driving is not easy in Dr. Driving. The game helps you improve your knowledge of traffic laws and your driving skills to a new level. Of course, driving is not like CSR Racing 2, Hill Climb Racing. Target in the game Dr. Driving is not about finishing fast but driving safely and not violating traffic laws. When the police appear for any reason, you do not finish the game. Not only a fine but players must start from the beginning. Calmly drive, handle every situation that happens on the road so that the police won’t remind you.

Dr Driving mod

Download Dr. Driving MOD – Drive and obey traffic laws

The road system, traffic in Dr. Driving is very modern. You appear in a big city, where there are all kinds of vehicles moving here. Steering wheel, accelerator, brake, and mirrors are the most essential. Like sitting in a real car, use everything to make the right decision when driving. Choose challenges before joining busy roads. Lane, Vip Escort, Parking, Broken Brake, Truck, these are all very impressive experiences. Each game mode you need to complete your mission in a unique way. Dr. Driving always emphasizes the skill factor is what determines the player does a good job in this game or not. And yet, the next version of SUD Inc with more extended features is attracting millions of downloads.

Many diverse car segments

A Class, B Class, C Class, and S Class are different vehicle segments included in the game. Choose the model you like and take it to the city and experience it. Korea, Nar, Choco, Chess, Kos, Ayh, Sh … a few cars in the above segments are being cared for by many drivers. After buying a car you need to change the specifications to make it stronger. Specifically see the next section below, what needs improvement of the car are here. Discover Dr Driving City and drive in a way that you think is classy but don’t let the police penalize you.

Car upgrade

Do you want your car to be stronger or change some basic details for your car? Engine, Brake, Tire, Fuel, Comfort, and Durability are the parts you can upgrade. With a lot of Coins, Gold in Dr. Driving cheats do not be afraid about the cost, please do your best to upgrade your entire car. In addition to strengthening skills, changing the car also makes you confident to drive before any situation anymore. You can see that even the old Dr Driving they still aim to be the main goal skill in all game modes.

Dr Driving mod apk

Dr. Driving is a simple picture and sound game. With very light capacity, the game can be played well on weakly configured devices. But that doesn’t mean its play is tedious. The game mode offers challenges not easy to overcome, you need to practice several times to have good driving skills. Download Dr. Driving hacked apk immersive into a driver and check your steering wheel level is okay.

Download Dr. Driving MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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