Push the Dummy MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) 6.2.22

Updated 15/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NamePush the Dummy APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Push the Dummy

Push the Dummy MOD APK will require high skills from each player. That is the puppets’ ability to fall from a terrible height freely. This free-fall skill requires your observation and sharp judgment. From there, the dangers posed by the tools can be avoided. It helps you land safely without taking damage. This can demonstrate your ultimate control. The more we practice, the more proficient we become at these things. Thanks to that, you can enhance brain activity. It helps it react faster to all tasks in daily life.

Push the Dummy is a highly entertaining game. With this type of free play, we will not be forced by competition. Instead, players can develop skills at their own pace. From there, we create achievements that exceed expectations through our efforts. This training method can also help us become more positive in life. Eliminate fatigue after stressful working hours. This creates a more positive psychological effect for everyone. We can start our free falls now. See if you can keep helping the puppets escape a crazy death.

Push the Dummy mod apk

Download Push the Dummy mod apk – Free fall safely and effectively.

You will start your journey by pushing the scarecrow down from above. The scarecrow will fall until it can reach the ground. But along the way, you must help the scarecrow avoid the above obstacles. If it hits too many obstacles, it may be destroyed. So, you will not be able to complete the level and will be considered a loser. We need to train our reflexes by avoiding as many obstacles as possible. Each block allows you to dodge differently. We will gradually adapt, and from there, we can increase our score. Win more challenging levels and get new achievements.

Interesting levels

The levels you must conquer in Push the Dummy mod apk will have increasing difficulty. Every time the scarecrow falls, you feel a completely different world. The structure of the falling journeys will be varied. From there, you will have to react to things you have never seen. New traps constantly appear and challenge your understanding. We may encounter many failures when participating in these challenges. Increasing difficulty will make you feel you must try harder to succeed. If we can optimize our performance, we will receive more rewards.

Push the Dummy mod

Hit the targets

You need to identify the targets you need to hit correctly. But that goal will help you get maximum benefits and perfect your victory. Therefore, you need to calculate thrust and the ability to avoid obstacles. If we crash too much and things get in the way, it may cause the trajectory to be deflected. That makes it difficult to control the character right where you need it. If we hit the centre of the target without deviation, the bonus points will be even higher. Just crash into it, and you will win the entire level. Help our scarecrow survive safely and increase its score.

Push the Dummy mod android

Become more interesting

If the scarecrow makes us feel bored, you can change it. Our main character can ultimately become anyone else. There will be a variety of options for you located in the store. Each character will have a unique characteristic. Create new interactions and fun effects while free-falling. Our character can transform into a man dressed as an animal. They can also become dangerous monster dolls. Transform into some other exciting puppets. Costumes with special effects will often be more expensive than the general price. So save money to unlock anyone you like.

Push the Dummy mod free

With a little time spent every day, we can train our reflexes to the maximum. Enhance your desire to win and increase your concentration. Every time you conquer a new level, you win over yourself. Moreover, we can also perform with beautiful falls in the middle. Make everyone else marvel at your abilities in Push the Dummy mod apk.

How to Download & Install Push the Dummy MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android


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