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Updated 27/02/2024 (4 days ago)
NameEvolution of Species 2 APK
PublisherEvolution of Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited DNA, no ads
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Evolution of Species 2

Evolution of Species 2 is an evolutionary game. The game is published by Evolution of Games. Evolution of Species 2 is the sequel to the Evolution of Species series. Following the success of the seniors, in this version Evolution of Species 2 has made more breakthroughs and development. Specifically, in this release, the number of planets is increased. Microorganisms with many unique body parts are improved over part 1. Thus, it will increase the attraction of the game. Besides, the game also increases the desire of players to explore and conquer.

The world in the Evolution of Species 2 is vast. Those are huge, beautiful galaxies. This place contains thousands of planets, stars with life. You will choose one of those planets to begin the evolution and development of your organism. The main characters in the game are microscopic microbial cells. They are made up of DNA fragments. With your imagination, you will create a special microorganism and conquer the planets. The game is designed by a sharp 3D graphics platform. The effects of microbial activity are shown vividly. This promises to give players the best experience. Rider, Cooking Fever is also one of the very interesting and entertaining games.

Evolution of Species 2 mod

Download Evolution of Species 2 mod – Build microbial planets

In Evolution of Species 2, you will participate in the evolution of microorganisms. You will have the opportunity to create the most unique microorganisms. Transform your microorganism from a weak single-cell form into a microorganism that is powerful enough and large enough to swallow prey. Alone you will have to fight millions of opponents around the world. With the ultimate goal is to become the hegemon of the planets.

Your mission in this game is to collect as much DNA as possible. The goal is to evolve your microorganisms. Depending on the type of oral microbial structure, you will have two ways of collecting DNA. The first way is how you would eat plants floating on the surface of the planet. The other way, you will defeat other microorganisms. Then eat the food that fell from their carcasses. Note that you would be collecting DNA from other microorganisms rather than from plants. It’s much more difficult to find DNA that way.

Evolution of Species 2 mod apk

How to play

The controls in the game are quite simple. First, you use the turntable in the lower right corner to install new parts on the microbial body. The top left corner will display the basic parameters of microorganisms. Here you can see how much DNA you currently own. It is accompanied by the amount of DNA needed for the creation and improvement of different parts of the microbial body. Rotation panel in the lower-left corner of the screen changes the size, rotation and colour of the selected element.

After completing the microbiological setup you must save the changes. After that, it will start to eat. This action is only possible if all parts of the body are properly placed. Don’t forget to check if your microorganisms have a mouth! You can return to the editor at any time through the game’s pause menu. You can access this menu by touching the appropriate option in the top right corner of the phone interface.

Evolution of Species 2 mod android

Game mode

Evolution of Species 2 has two game modes. It’s a single-player and multiplayer mode. In single-player mode you will have time to design and upgrade your microorganisms. At the same time with this mode, you can freely practice, improve your ability to fight the enemy. For the multiplayer mode, you will be confronted with real opponents from all over the world. All the unique features of your microbiome are visible to everyone. You can share it with your friends or compete with other online players. Become the most powerful microorganism and prove your creation invincible.

Evolution of Species 2 mod free

Creation of special creatures

You absolutely can create for yourself a hobby microorganism. From the shape, colour or the size of the microorganisms, it’s up to you to decide. Each body part will have many shapes for you to choose from. For example, if you want to pair flippers, there will be patterns such as simple small fins, double fins, triple fins,… Each body part will display different functions, strengths and weaknesses. A more special feature is that when you touch the microorganism’s body, you will see clearly the organs. Choose one of them and you can customize the size as desired. After each winning level, you will unlock a new more powerful division.

Evolution of Species 2 mod download

Evolution of Species 2 is an entertaining evolutionary self-game. The game has very attractive content. The gameplay is simple and controller design is easy to operate. The game helps you have moments of comfortable relaxation. At the same time stimulating creativity in each player. Download Evolution of Species 2 mod to explore the unique and interesting microbial world.

How to Download & Install Evolution of Species 2 MOD APK (Unlimited DNA, no ads) for Android


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