Puppet Boss MOD APK 1.1.7 (Unlimited gold/Tickets)

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NamePuppet Boss APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited gold/Tickets
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Tickets
*spend as you want even values shown in minus

Are you confident that you are an intelligent problem solver? Role-playing games to handle questions always create many unique experiences. For example, with a highly complex story of 5 characters, Puppet Boss makes you feel like you can’t leave. Stories with love themes will be fascinating. If you love light and emotional games, this is an excellent suggestion. You have the opportunity to test your behavior to evaluate your ingenuity. Standing among the supporting characters who always make it difficult for you, will you overcome? Let’s begin to experience the fascinating but equally complicated love story.

Being in charge of a company is the job you own. You will be a talented and beautiful heroine. Workplace stories will constantly put you in difficult situations. You will be challenged with your ability to think and judge correctly. Whether a female manager has a vision and is skillful in behavior or not will be decided by you. Puppet Boss will be your companion after a long working day. A little fun challenge will bring your soul and thoughts to life. A fun game for you to learn to be more patient and understanding. Let’s start entering stories full of unexpected situations for you to know!

Puppet Boss mod 1

Download Puppet Boss mod – Learn to understand

The background in Puppet Boss lets you become a beautiful and busy woman. You are highly confident with your life. You are courageous with the company, but can you overcome many pitfalls in the workplace? Someone suddenly shows up to escort you to work. And even more surprising when you meet three other talented boys. A series of events happen that confuse you many times. You go through all ups and downs to understand each person’s stories. Have a clear mind and understanding to enter the world of mysterious boys.

Puppet Boss Android

A series of challenging situations

You have up to four other characters revolving around this game. Guys with handsome looks but full of charm with their own stories behind them. They make you feel like you are drawn into a world of strangers you must understand. Exciting calls and messages open will keep you curious to learn more. The feeling of chatting and sharing will be more incredible than ever. Puppet Boss is also a means for you to learn how to communicate with others. If you are introverted or shy to socialize, let’s explore more with this game. Puppet Boss can open traps and dangerous situations. Are you wise enough to step through the problems of the remaining four boys?

Puppet Boss Mod Apk

Enjoy a variety of costumes

Players will be delighted with the perfect colors of Puppet Boss. You are immersing yourself in a company that makes fashion. This is a combination for you to experience life, work, and love to the fullest. A variety of clothes from light to personality for you to wear. You will become more beautiful every day. Your character is also reflected more clearly through Puppet Boss. Your boys also make you extremely confused with their extreme dressing sense. The space of Puppet Boss will be filled with costumes full of personality. Open your world with the perfect dresses!

Puppet Boss Apk Free

Meticulous to every stroke

You will many times admire the perfect details of Puppet Boss. When expressing sad and happy emotions, each character is reproduced highly clearly. The game gives you the feeling of communicating like real life. You get to witness first-hand the mood-changing moments of each character. Even the beautiful female character you control is incredibly realistic. Puppet Boss gives you the experience of truly participating in a complex story. The gestures, attitudes, and faces will be natural to every detail. Manga drawing will take you to new and exciting things. The world of characters full of secrets gradually opens up perfectly and slowly.

Puppet Boss Apk

The world of a complicated but exciting love story from Puppet Boss will bring you new experiences. You get to be yourself to handle any given situation. Keep a clear mind before starting a conversation at work. They can make you moody at times. You will be the main character with all the powers in this game. Use them in the right circumstances. Download Puppet Boss mod to immediately experience complex and unexpected love stories.

Download Puppet Boss MOD APK (Unlimited gold/Tickets) for Android

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