Idle Crime Detective Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.9.3

Updated on 11/01/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameIdle Crime Detective Tycoon APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Criminals run rampant in society with different ways of committing crimes. They make society more and more dirty and chaotic. The detectives, and the police who catch criminals, have to work hard to see all of them. Idle Crime Detective Tycoon is a crime-catching simulation role-playing game. Players passionate about catching criminals can join the Idle Crime Detective Tycoon game team; what is more interesting is when the player himself can transform into the hero of the crime-hunting city by tracking down the mysterious case to find the whereabouts of all the rampant criminals. Think like a detective and have a whole team dedicated to solving issues. Be a leader recruiting the best, brightest people.

Make the criminals terrify themselves and stop committing crimes. Idle Crime Detective Tycoon is always an option for players who are passionate about solving crimes. With each step of the way, it is reasonable to think about solving the case with the team. Criminals are always evil, no matter what. Chung needs to be arrested and put in prison for the betterment of society. They operate anonymously, so it is essential to find out how they commit their crimes and who they are. Idle Crime Detective Tycoon challenges the intelligence of simulation game participants.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod

Download Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod – Crime investigation force

Try your hand at a detective agency with the most productive team in the game. They are always looking for the best people in each department at the crime scene. Understand what criminals will commit and how they will abuse anonymously. Complicated cases have always fascinated players of the Idle Crime Detective Tycoon game. With intriguing mystery and thrilling details along with evil criminals. A criminal gang confronts the most brilliant detectives in the world. Who will win the ultimate victory in the war against crime? Improving the life of society in the game Idle Crime Detective Tycoon is the players’ task. The unity in the way of catching criminals with clever thinking.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod apk

Catch criminals

Solve crimes in cooperation with the police and the team to catch all the rampant criminals in society. They have mysterious ways of committing crimes and hiding. Behind the missions may not even give players a clue to investigate. Those things put players in thinking situations solving situations and mysteries. Manage the evidence and data found from interesting, mysterious cases. One by one, find the criminals who cause harm to society in the game Idle Crime Detective Tycoon, which simulates an interesting crime-solving team.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod apk free

Operating the way to solve the case

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon has different crime-solving departments. The department specializes in investigating, finding out and picking up evidence. The interrogation department of the criminals forces them to give statements to find the cluster name. Combine with the police department to catch the criminals in the group they escaped. They will attack again, so it takes cooperation with the local police to solve the problem. Idle Crime Detective Tycoon players always need to have a way to operate. Operating the team to solve the case always requires thinking and leadership qualities in the player. Help every team member solve the player’s claim to advance his career.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod android

Mysterious crime-solving thinking

The mysterious cases are exciting levels that attract players to participate. Idle Crime Detective Tycoon always requires players to use their minds to solve crimes. The player’s intelligence is shown through the ways of playing offence-solving games. Create a separate investigation path to find the criminal. Use the perfect people available in this simulation game. For example, what are you waiting for in the match Idle Crime Detective Tycoon? Which is the case where you can use the intelligence in the superhuman brains of the game players?

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod android free

The gameplay of Idle Crime Detective Tycoon can be easily addictive for game players. The gameplay is simple but always requires the highest thinking ability in the head: simple cartoon graphics that are easy to see and have a fantastic sound. Hundreds of different cases and mysteries behind the cases are full of twists and turns. Become a beautiful part of the city by catching all the criminals. Manage everything in a crime-solving unit full of mystery and appeals to gamers. Download Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod to command a detective team specializing in solving cases against evil criminals that are rampant in society.

Download Idle Crime Detective Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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