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Updated 17/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameLife Bubble APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, resources
SupportAndroid 5.1 +
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Introduce Life Bubble MOD APK

Save, upgrade and renovate planets at Life Bubble. Explore your surroundings and start mining what you can use. Bring back the right amount in a short period. You will face oxygen deficiency and death if you stay outside too long. Visit places and discover exciting things as you expand your territory. There will always be extraordinary things hidden inside the house that need to be found—rescue other trapped companions. Expand the atmosphere to increase the breadth of life on the planet’s surface. Repairing the spaceship severely damaged after a long trip and unexpected events occurred.

The planet in the game is a beautiful place in the eyes of humans. When we look at it from telescopes and outer space objects, a dominant species is quite similar in appearance to humans. They also had limbs and, height, skin colour quite similar to modern humans. Their lives are no different from ours, with countries, boundaries, and rules. Curious, people decided to go to explore that place. But a series of trips have gone unanswered. Starting to feel ominous, many relief ships were sent there to rescue the lost and search for the missing.

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Download Life Bubble mod apk – A journey to rescue through space and save planets

The worst that the top leaders could think of had finally happened. All rescue missions, although reaching that place, were only contacted for a short time. Furthermore, the signal is extremely noisy even when a cross-air communication system is used. Realizing that the only drawback of this system was that it would be less effective when exposed to nuclear radiation, people gradually realized the situation. The planet has been severely damaged by the effects of explosions and shock waves and has no vegetation caused by nuclear radiation. Rivers that are red like blood look extremely evil and cannot be restored. There has been an extremely effective solution by the green company.

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The miracle of life technology

An environmental company has teamed up with life academies to research something that can improve the other planet’s habitat so that post-human journeys will be more convenient for rescuing people. Lost. After a long time, they finally completed the task. A series of tiny beads are attached to the spacecraft and spacesuits. When they land there, these seeds will automatically generate tiny tree molecules. More specifically, all life on the planet will be marked. This is highly convenient for the process of finding lost people. Just like that, you were alone on your way to outer space.

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Death Journey

But there is no such thing as a smooth ride, especially out in this cold, dark space. Countless invisible waves impeded the ship’s engines. Asteroid debris in outer space also has collisions with the hull. Strange creatures have attacked the spaceship countless times. You sit inside alone, in despair and fear, praying that it will all be over soon. Finally, the ship also landed on the planet. You breathe a sigh of relief, but it becomes terrifying when you look at the ship. Nearly every engine and exterior has broken down to alarming levels, but green technology is still active.

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Save the survivors

They were on the verge of death when they became desperate and ran out of food. But the miracle you brought saved those people. Let’s collect the external resources and return before the oxygen runs out. Use all you have to expand the bubble of life. When more and more trees are planted, they will immediately absorb air and expand the atmosphere. To save people, you need to spread the life cycle to where they are standing. The more people you save, the more companions you will have to accelerate expansion.

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Correct and continue

Resources are not only used to expand the territory but also used to repair ships. Mine the required resources and bring them into the bubble. Things will be complicated to find because they are scarce. Some things are not available here but have to be crafted. Always look for your great companion to get the best care before returning. Repair the ship when you have enough materials at Life Bubble mod apk.

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