Pull Him Out MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.6.0

Updated 31/08/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NamePull Him Out APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Pull Him Out MOD APK

Games with the puzzle-solving genres are becoming a trend in recent times. With the mission to bring the main character out of the troubles that are about to encounter. By selecting the suitable items is indicated. Pull Him Out, a new puzzle game released, belongs to a group of games with similar themes. The arrangement of puzzles and the way to solve the problem requires a unique thinking skill that allows players to solve the puzzle and win.

True to the title of the game: Pull Him Out – Pulls him out of trouble. We will meet an adventurer who is on a treasure hunt. But he didn’t seem very smart, so he got into trouble over and over and got ensnared by riddles. You as the player will have to help him through the puzzles. Won all treasures within the scope of the puzzle. If there was a mistake, he would be in huge trouble. Everything is up to your wits and tricks to find the treasure.

Pull Him Out mod

Download Pull Him Out mod – Become a puzzle expert

The game is designed according to each game screen, with increasing difficulty depending on the level of that game screen. At each level, our explorer will be sent into a rectangular closed area that coincides with the screen. There are puzzles waiting for you. The yellow sticks will be what follows us throughout the game. They were made to separate us from dangers like zombies, mummies, molten lava, or octopus tentacles. Of course, the sticks also separate us from the treasure – the destination of the level.

Don’t just solve puzzles in search of treasure. There are also scenarios that require you to solve puzzles to get the explorer out of trouble like gas leaks, aggressive dogs or open power supplies. Your only action in the game is to move the yellow sticks. The purpose is to combine the things in the game screen together. To create a reaction or an event so as not to affect the main character. From there go ahead and complete the level. For example, pushing lava down to the zombie position causes them to be burned down, then using water to extinguish the lava.

Pull Him Out mod 1

Play for free anytime, anywhere

Pull Him Out is a completely free game for players to experience puzzles and learn how to solve real problems. The knowledge of chemistry and physics is also applied to the game very precisely. Extremely suitable for curious children. Develop the ability to think creatively and effectively solve problems. Plus, the game is completely free, so it is very suitable for free time such as short breaks. The game is extremely light and simple. It will help you relax in a few short moments. To be able to focus on work and study. Pull Him Out is an extremely effective stress reliever.

Pull Him Out mod 2

Unlimited time

Usually, puzzle games have a time limit. In order to help players be able to make choices and handle situations as quickly and effectively as possible. But Pull Him Out will not limit your time and make you more confused. The purpose of this product is for entertainment and relaxation. Gently stimulate thinking for young children or the elderly who need rest. The game lets you find ways to solve the puzzle for as long as you want to give you a relaxing, slow feeling. Rather than putting pressure on you to quickly finish it. Combined with soothing music, funny cartoon graphics will make you feel relieved and excited.

Pull Him Out mod 4

Not just an adventurer

Pull Him Out also offers a few face-changing outfits for your adventurer. Get them by completing a certain number of levels to own any costume. Unlocking more outfits is easy without causing problems for you. Simple outfits that change a bit of appearance will make your game experience more enjoyable.

Pull Him Out mod 3

Overall with light and moderately thoughtful product. Pull Him Out is considered one of the very reasonable choices for gamers to target. Join the explorer guy and solve puzzles. They are not too tough but bring laughter and freshness to you. Enjoy yourself in the process of getting rid of troubles and collecting attractive gifts. Download the Pull Him Out mod and challenge yourself!

How to Download & Install Pull Him Out MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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