Merge Monsters MOD APK (Free upgrade) 1.5.8

Updated 14/02/2023 (1 year ago)
NameMerge Monsters APK
PublisherFumb Games
MOD FeaturesFree upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Merge Monsters

Find monsters and combine them into powerful super beasts to battle in Merge Monsters. You’ve got a multiplayer chance, and that’s fighting mighty monsters. They are unique creatures that are born with outstanding strength and physique. So no one could subdue these monsters and fight alongside them. But this opportunity is in your possession, and you can do more than fight them. Special abilities help you combine monsters and create even bigger creatures. Explore the vast animals of the monster world and find a way to create powerful monsters.

A world full of giant monsters has opened up and looking for someone who has a chance to fight. Anyone wants to enter the monster world, but the opportunity is only for one person. You were pulled into this world in surprise, and you still haven’t figured out what happened. But you are bewildered by the giant monsters and have to run away for fear of being killed by them. However, the demons do not because they need your help. You came into this world, not by accident but because you have special abilities. Defend the world of monsters from the sacred but evil dragons that are wreaking havoc on everything.

Merge Monsters android

Download Merge Monsters mod – Combine monsters and fight evil sacred dragons

This world was originally where large creatures were born and coexisted over the years. This place has become an environment for giant monsters to spend time together. But the appearance of dragons completely upset the balance of the world. Giant monsters, despite having power from birth, can’t resist the sacred dragon’s power. So a force has dragged you into this world, hoping to receive your help. The ability to combine monsters will give this place a whole new fighting force. Use all your strength to control demons and fight the evil sacred dragon forces.

Merge Monsters apk

The battle against the sacred dragon

You entered this world at random, but you soon found out why. Monsters were once the masters of the world and were born through time. However, the sacred dragon force has recently appeared and threatened the monster’s life. Despite their incredible strength, the monsters still proved weak against the attack of the holy dragon. So this world needs your help, and the journey against the sacred dragon must continue. Although the power of dragons is superior, special abilities will help you win. Find the cause of getting lost in the world of monsters and lead them to counter the evil dragon.

Merge Monsters mod apk

Collect monsters

Your forces in this world are powerful monsters that are constantly being born. They are the original masters of the world, and the evil dragons are invaders. And with your help, the monsters will gain superior strength. But it would be best to get acquainted with the giant creatures to discover their characteristics. Only when you learn the source of the monster’s power will you be able to fight with all your might. Exploring the world not only helps you find mysteries but also collects rarities. Control the beast you combine and stand in front to prevent the evil dragons from attacking.

Merge Monsters mod

Monster challenge

The force you control in this world is all the giant and powerful monsters. But every monster becomes weak before the evil but sacred dragon forces attack. So you need to help your monsters find challenges and grow them strong. Not only will this help you understand how monsters fight, but it can also unlock abilities. Your monster is giant, but there is still a lot of development space ahead. The enemy of the monster world is the sacred dragon; you must help them to be strong. And your ability to combine will be challenging to prove their great power.

Merge Monsters free

The supposedly legendary creature gradually attacked the monster-dominated world. They are sacred dragons that pride themselves on their power and invade the planet. Even though they knew this was where monsters lived, they wouldn’t hesitate to attack. So the holy dragon war begins, and the demons have your help fighting. The fact that you collect monsters will help you understand them better and combine robust species. You need to go through the monster challenge to train the giant creature. Download Merge Monsters mod to lead an army of monsters against the invasion of evil dragons.

How to Download & Install Merge Monsters MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android


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