Pixelwoods: Coloring and Decor MOD APK (Pictures, Outfits free) 1.49

Updated 27/04/2024 (3 months ago)
NamePixelwoods: Coloring and Decor APK
PublisherBeresnev Games
MOD FeaturesPictures, Outfits free
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Pixelwoods: Coloring and Decor MOD APK detail?

Free Pictures

Free Outfits

Introduce MOD APK Pixelwoods: Coloring and Decor

Role-play as Ellie paints colorful pictures with puzzles and mysteries behind the puzzle game Pixelwoods: Coloring & Décor. With hundreds of pictures waiting for you to paint in exciting colors and moods. A house that is too old needs to be redecorated from the ground up to return to its original, clean new shape. The picture and the numbers are puzzles at each point. The lip color of the painting is a thrilling story. Restore everything to its original state and learn Pixelwood’s special magic. A warm and strangely mysterious world in the game Pixelwoods: Coloring & Décor.

Relax with colorful paintings that create a picture of Ellie’s past. If you are a multidimensional artist, try your hand at the game’s paintings. Use an intelligent thinking mind to uncover the stories of this place gradually. The Pixel-biased lightweight configuration is cozy and lovely in a small world. Fill everything gray with bright colors and numbers on it. Lead everyone involved in a moving story of protagonist Ellie. A lush green forest and fun-filled, character-friendly animals return here.

Pixelwoods Coloring Decor mod apk

Download Pixelwoods: Coloring & Décor mod – Paint the picture of stories

Ellie is an aspiring and talented painter. From a young age, her parents disappeared somewhere inexplicably. Let’s go home with the character to solve the pictures to find out the story behind all the mysteries. Each picture will have numbers you need to color reasonably and be diverse. An infinite number of pictures for you to choose from and participate in solving mysterious stories. The hands make all of the most professional picture artists. Many color options everywhere, such as tables, chairs, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Choose many things to decorate an old house to become the most colorful and beautiful.

Pixelwoods Coloring Decor mod

Lots of pictures

Many pictures are still waiting for you to color in Pixelwoods: Coloring & Décor. The minor details with numbers have been marked on the pictures. Color the numbers on those beautiful pictures. Diverse images of everything around are rich and varied. The most detailed pictures include a heart, an orange fox, a green weasel, a flower, etc. To difficult pictures with small details that require the player’s meticulousness to conquer and add more excitement. Be careful to avoid wasting time coloring over and over again. The pictures will be marked with star numbers to have something special.

Pixelwoods Coloring Decor mod android

Redecorate the surrounding

Everything here has not been repaired and redecorated for a long time. Let our character Ellie redecorate things with something new and colorful. The rooms are very messy and, dusty, dark. Please tidy up and arrange everything in the small room to be reasonable. The garden of wild plants and trees is entangled and has no aesthetic appeal. Clean the garden, replant the trees, and pull out all the grass here. When cleaning the garden here, you will suddenly find something new. Those pictures have not been colored up, which looks very dull. Unleash your decorating preferences to satisfy your imagination. A place is so beautiful and worth living when the character Ellie herself has returned here.

Pixelwoods Coloring Decor mod apk free

The story of Ellie

The game Pixelwoods: Coloring & Décor will take us to the stories of the character Ellie. A thrilling, beautiful, mysterious story needs the player’s curiosity to investigate to discover the story; there will also be amusing details. She had always felt pain in her heart when she missed her parents. Want to find the old place to learn about the mysterious disappearance of her parents. Returned to the old mansion, she used to live in with her father and mother. Along with what the character himself finds deciphers in the story, the puzzles have a beautiful storyline for puzzle enthusiasts of strange stories.

Pixelwoods Coloring Decor mod android free

Always welcome players to the game Pixelwoods: Coloring & Décor with three elements converging in the game simultaneously: makeup, painting puzzle. Help Ellie settle down and re-acquaint herself with what she was used to. Warm atmosphere in the game for players to enjoy and entertain. The pictures are innocent but full of emotional stories. Download Pixelwoods: Coloring & Decor mod to color mysterious, colorful pictures according to your rich imagination.

How to Download & Install Pixelwoods: Coloring and Decor MOD APK (Pictures, Outfits free) for Android


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