Gunfire Hero MOD APK 0.1.6 (Unlimited money)

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NameGunfire Hero APK
PublisherLoongcheer Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Welcome to Gunfire Hero’s colorful and daring battle. The blend of the shooter RPG genre combines novel epic elements. The player is instantly transported to a strange land. This place has the presence of countless monsters, youkai appearing all over the land. Enemies appear increasingly dense and need to assemble an epic hero squad to quell the rebellion quickly. Players must arrange their army to divide into different lands to face and confront these monsters. With one hand, command your hero to fire bullets that destroy the enemies in front of him.

Gunfire Hero is a logical result for those fans of the role-playing shooting genre. To fight easily, you need to choose the strongest team of heroes. Take them to positions that match their skills. Many heroes need land to use and promote the talents they have. Because each epic hero has a different skill and power. Distribution helps to harmonize and complement each other in the battle formation is the best. The context takes place in strange lands that have not been fully explored by humankind. Both fighting and considering this as a work of reclamation, adventure to find new ground.

Gunfire Hero apk free

Download Gunfire Hero mod – Survival battle of epic heroes

Have you always had the desire to set foot in new lands? Open your eyes and see what Gunfire Hero has to offer you right now. A life-and-death battlefield, a barren land, scattered rocks. Tracks the HP energy bar above the characters and enemies’ heads. Knowing how to calculate the time can still survive the person to save or should face it directly. See the enemy’s well to launch appropriate strategies. Solid defense or quick attack will be the best choice? If the enemy is few and close to death, you must launch fatal attacks quickly. Kill all enemies before they call for help.

Gunfire Hero mod apk

Many epic heroes

Gunfire Hero releases a huge collection of different heroes. The character warehouse here fully converges the hero genres on many aspects of skills. There are heroes who are more defensive, and there are more offensive heroes. Most epic heroes are armed with a large gun or an arm that shoots bullets. These heroes are used to attack enemies from a distance. These heroes can also equip additional skill cards after winning a level. After clearing an area, the youkai will release skill cards. Piercing shot, Death Spark, Rage,…and many more powerful cards.

Gunfire Hero apk

Build skill lines for characters

As mentioned in the previous section, Gunfire Hero gives players three skill cards after each battle. These cards players put in the storage area and use for the hero they want. In particular, these skill cards have a certain level, up to 5 stars. Depending on the difficulty of the battle, Gunfire Hero will give players different solid and weak cards. The Piercing shot card is to launch a shot that pierces multiple enemies if they are close to each other. Death Spark card, a fired bullet can split into 8 sparks into a circle. As for the Rage card, each time you use your hit will deal more damage. Bring your fury and shoot at enemies.

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Equip armored vehicles

New to Gunfire Hero is that players are provided with high-powered mecha cars. After winning and getting many purple gems and gold coins. Buy a unique flying mecha now. These flying cars have armored shells that evade enemy attacks. In addition, there are two scopes on either side like the hero’s arms. Each series of bullets continuously fired, aimed directly at the enemy, and opened fire. They are also offered in many different versions by the manufacturer. The higher the amount you spend, the closer your chances of owning the most potent car are. Some cars shoot out terrible fire, thunder, and firecrackers.

Gunfire Hero mod

With different game modes such as Fast fursuit, VR training, mining source,… Especially there is a World Championship mode for heroes who want to interact with international friends. This mode installs the mecha ship, establishes a solid defense, and mainly has a chat function with other players. Instead of chatting through the window, verbalize how you feel at that moment. This feature magnifies your strong will to compete. Download Gunfire Hero mod to join the epic and fierce battlefield.

Download Gunfire Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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