METAL MADNESS PvP MOD APK (God mode, onehit, high damage) 0.40.2

Updated 02/08/2021 (3 years ago)
MOD FeaturesGod mode, onehit, high damage
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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The shooting racing game genre has existed for quite some time in the market; what is playing METAL MADNESS PvP and feeling the heat of the blazing battlefield. Hat’s better than being in the car and comfortably shooting at the enemy. This is a unique feeling that cannot exist in real life. But we can still do it by different methods. Here’s how to enjoy the adventure of this beautiful life.

Shooting car racing is a great combination of action gameplay that is loved by many people. METAL MADNESS PvP is also developed according to this gameplay but is improved more. A product that is considered very successful by the publisher GDCompany. The game’s graphics make many players fall in love—eye-catching combat effects created from inconclusive battles. Bring a color that is both modern and classic and shows its own nature.


Download METAL MADNESS PvP mod – Drive the most powerful cars to destroy opponents

To start your race, you will be provided with a car of your own. What’s even better is that this car will be equipped with a powerful gun. Use the left, right, forward, and backward buttons arranged around to help the car move. To use your gun only close, you drag the reticle to the center of the enemy. Your gun will fire automatically until the opponent is destroyed. There are many enemies around waiting to take you down. Destroy them all to get the final victory. Try not to give enemies a chance to deal too much damage to your range. If HP runs out, your vehicle will be destroyed.

Dealing damage is not only using your gun but also in a different way. If your HP is too low, you can use the relief bags arranged around the map. That is to stab the opponent to make them fly away. This collision will also deal a lot of damage and take the enemy by surprise.

METAL MADNESS PvP mod download

Great guns

The guns are an effective combat tool required for every vehicle. Without these guns, you will not be able to survive. The stronger the weapon, the higher the chance of knocking down the enemy. There are typical guns in stock, such as machine guns, laser guns, flamethrowers, or even grenade launchers. Each gun gives you a unique playstyle that you can terrify your enemies. Assuming the laser gun has a high rate of fire, use it to destroy the opponent quickly. A grenade launcher can launch grenades with great damage, can keep distance, and attack effectively.

Upgrade your car

After a while of playing, your car will no longer have enough power to destroy stronger enemies. So please upgrade to increase the fighting power for it to be higher. Players will need to spend a certain amount of materials on upgrading their door car. The higher the level of the vehicle, the more materials it consumes than before. At the same time, the power is also significantly increased, such as HP, attack, speed, and stabbing power of the vehicle. The longer you play, the more chance your car has to be reinforced. Significantly increase your chances of victory when fighting directly with your enemies. How strong can you make your car in this fierce game?


Dozens of different maps

To add more fun to METAL MADNESS PvP, the developer has created a lot of maps. Each map is designed with its own type of terrain and landscape. There will be a snow-covered map with jagged slopes and all-white surroundings. Underground arena with lots of lights and different turns. Even a large airport with planes parked around it. Due to the different terrain, you will have to get used to it gradually. Some slopes are very favorable for ambushes, so take advantage of them often. The more familiar the map types, the more advantages you have over the enemy.

METAL MADNESS PvP mod android

Many beautifully designed cars

The design of the car is what makes it attractive, especially for those who love beauty. There will be many models from classic to modern with many eye-catching sports cars. Can own new cars by using earned money or using your own money. High-value cars will have a much better appearance than other popular cars. Explore hundreds of regularly updated vehicle models in the METAL MADNESS PvP mod.

How to Download & Install METAL MADNESS PvP MOD APK (God mode, onehit, high damage) for Android


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