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Updated on 01/02/2023 (4 months ago)
NamePlanet TD Tower Defense Game APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.1+
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Create a space system that protects the Earth from enemies in Planet TD Tower Defense Game. The human world has developed a lot of technology and brought the planet to new levels. But this development carries the risk of being attacked by powerful machine civilizations. Until this time, people only knew of the existence of other living worlds. But the purpose of moving towards the human world is only to invade, not to cooperate. The human world already has enough technology to fight them and will not be able to back down. Lead the robotic system and defend against the invading machines from outer space.

Humans have developed technology and helped the world move up a ladder of development. And the aliens have noticed this and will not allow humans to continue. Because if that is the case, the Earth will likely take up a part of the space they develop. Humans have always wanted to make peace with the aliens, but they didn’t give that chance. Suppose they will use their machines to attack the Earth, counterattack. Humans have been studying combat robots for a long time, and now it’s time to take them out to the battlefield. Use your strategy to build a robot defense system to defend the Earth from outer space.

Planet TD Tower Defense Game android

Download Planet TD Tower Defense Game mod – Prevent machine enemies from attacking

A long line of planets out there are trying to attack the Earth because of technological development. They have created fighting machines, started the Earth’s invasion, and want to destroy it all. Negotiation is no longer a solution when they defy everything and still want to attack the Earth. You can’t stand watching them drive the machines in as a leader. You should build a defense system with the weapons of the Earth against invasion. But the devices also can’t fight completely automatically and need your help. Control the guns in the tower system and destroy the alien invasion

Planet TD Tower Defense Game apk

Alien landing

Space invaders are attracted to the Earth because of the development of technology. They fear the Earth will attack them one day without knowing that humanity always wants peace. The enemies personally commanded their machines and headed toward the Earth to attack. Now the Earth is cornered by enemies with the ultimate option of fighting them. The Earth can fight back because there are fighting machines in the defense system. But the system still needed a wise commander and repelled the invading machines. Take over command of the Earth’s defense system to defeat the invasion of alien machines.

Planet TD Tower Defense Game mod apk

Weapon system

The Earth is in danger, and you have complete command of the system with defensive weapons. Inside the system are human-made devices from the new technological era. You will study the strengths of each and incorporate them into your plan to protect the Earth. The weapons can also assist each other in shooting down invading machines in the same system. Defeating invaders also helps you gain technological knowledge to upgrade weapons. The defense system is the only line of defense that keeps the Earth safe from invading machines. Control the Earth’s defenses and repel invaders from other planets.

Planet TD Tower Defense Game mod

Defensive strategy

Destructive machines are attacking your planet, and you need a battle strategy. Passive defense is the way to go because the Earth already has a system of weapons. You must become a commander and operate those machines to defeat the enemy. But defense is not safe because the Earth needs to counterattack anyway. Go to the invaders’ planet and build towers to stop them from advancing. The fact that you actively stop the enemy will prevent the invader’s goal of destroying the Earth. Use a defense strategy for the Earth’s weapon system and against the machines.

Planet TD Tower Defense Game free

Earth is on the rise when alien mechanical enemies stop it. But humans have the confidence to resist their attack thanks to a defense system. This place gathers powerful weapons that humanity has created from developed technology. Now you are the master of the system and have the hope of peace on the planet. The alien landing needs to be stopped for life on Earth to continue. The weapon system will be a tool for you to defend and actively take down invaders. Download Planet TD Tower Defense Game mod to protect the Earth against invading alien machines.

Download Planet TD Tower Defense Game MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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