Plague Inc MOD APK 1.19.10 (Unlocked/Unlimited DNA)

Updated on 29/07/2022 (3 years ago)
NamePlague Inc APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked/Unlimited DNA
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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Plague Inc is a simulation game with the fresh gameplay of creating many interesting things. You will have the duty to spread the disease to spread it around the world. It sounds like we’re going to have to do bad things, but that’s the story in Plague Inc. Perhaps you are thinking that this is not difficult at all, you are confident to be able to spread germs wherever you want? But no that’s wrong, players need to have a perfect strategy. The plan will only succeed when everything is well organized. Plague Inc MOD APK for players to master a terrible pandemic that threatens humanity on Earth.

Patient Zero is the name of a pathogen that humans are trying to find a way to neutralize it. Saying that does not mean that you are in control and do whatever you want. Humans still have methods to protect themselves from epidemics, if they want to eliminate them, players need to be more aggressive. Plague Inc is interested in many prestigious names such as New York Daily News, Touch Arcade, Modojo, London Metro, Pocket Lint, Slide to Play, Pocket Gamer and IGN. Now go into the game and start trying to push the epidemic to a climax. Do not let your campaign be extinguished before modern medical methods.

Plague Inc MOD

Plague Inc APK – Making disease outbreak in the world

In front of the player is not an ordinary challenge. We have to face artificial intelligence (AI) so we cannot act on emotions. Besides, the game uses Stunning HD graphics technology to make a different interface. In the game Plague Inc you represent dangerous agents that make the whole planet be wary. But do not be so complacent because the scientific progress is changing rapidly. Every situation can happen, you are also easy to fail if subjective.

  • Idle Makeover – You need to kill bacteria to keep your body healthy.

12 different diseases

Plague Inc currently has up to 12 different diseases. The number may not be much, but it also qualifies the planet as a headache. For the player the main goal must be for all to be infected to be considered successful. Therefore, only a little immunity to the disease you are creating is that you have not accomplished your mission here. Make sure all locations have the highest level of alarm.

Many locations around the world

Countries in actual order on the world map. You can choose any place to carry out the infection. Whether the battle for bacterial or viral outbreaks succeeds depends on your strategy. The international airport is the ideal place so the symbol in the game is shown quite clearly. You just need to click to start sending the first germs of illness.

Plague Inc download

What features does the new Plague Inc. feature?

  • Added 2 new scenarios: Ultimate Board and Science Denial.

According to Miniclip, this is also the feature behind The Queen’s Enterprise Award for Innovation.

Plague Inc games use gameplay that is not yet popular but has created a huge source of signals. With the numbers of downloads, the high rating on the rankings is very convincing. Download Plague Inc MOD APK creates a battle for thinking how to help your pathogen grow both fast and strong.

Download Plague Inc MOD APK (Unlocked/Unlimited DNA) for Android

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Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel
1 month ago
Rating :

como se saca el ADN infinito?

2 months ago
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How do you download the mod?

9 months ago
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How to get free dna

1 year ago
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how do i disable the hack, its no fun playing this

GG expert
GG expert
1 year ago
Reply to  darius

Just download the original app on playstore

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